9 April 2012


Oh lordy lordy, I can't wait for Wednesday to come! Normally I fill my suitcase at the last possible minute but hey - this time long term  emigration to Blogland means I'm being a bit more sensible and have even drawn up a list. I trust that other bloggers are doing the same.
  • Seven pairs of underpants
  • Sandals with seven pairs of white ankle socks
  • Flip flops
  • My cuddly toy tiger - Waggy (can't sleep without him)
  • Guitar with spare strings and electric tuner.
  • Framed photograph of the Yorkshire Wolds.
  • Framed photograph of Shirley and the kids.
  • Six boxes of instant Yorkshire pudding mix
  • Lilac Speedos
  • Sports Relief Shorts (2 pairs)
  • Camera
  • Knotted handkerchief
  • Sun glasses
  • Laptop
  • Ball point pen and A4 notepad
  • Seven "Yorkshire Pudding" T-shirts in various colours.
  • Linen suit, formal shirt and tie
  • Fluffy bath  towel
  • "Superman" beach towel
  • Watch
  • Toilet bag including razor blades and large bottle of "Brut" aftershave.
  • "The Koran"
  • "Robinson Crusoe", "Swiss Family Robinson", "Coral Island".
  • Penknife
  • Beauchat Marlin Carbone 95cm spear gun
  • "After sun" lotion
It's like that line in John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet Plane"... "All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..."


  1. Your public is dying to know: boxers or briefs?

  2. RHYMES Cotton briefs with stable door opening. Do you go commando?

  3. I am rather concerned that you have missed some vital items off your list - a penknife, sun lotion, first aid kit, a paca mac and a woolly jumper with a picture of a reindeer on it!

  4. MAD ABOUT CRAFT Okay, I grant you I might need a woolly jumper once or twice a year but the other stuff I can just borrow from Rhymes With Plague or Jenny. They're sure to take far more stuff than they need. Also - I have a got a penknife on my list! I will need it for gutting fish or protecting myself if Mr Brague drinks himself into a rage.

  5. I'm getting a bit worried that the Crocs I ordered won't arrive in time. I much prefer them to flip-flops.

    I forgot to ask what sort of plug adaptors we'll need. I've seen these so-called worldwide adaptors but when you read the packaging you find out the world is confined to Europe or North America.

    Oh, and Mrs P asked me to ask whether she should pack her snake bite kit.

  6. SHOOTING PRATS Whoa dude! Crocs ain't cool! You don't need adaptors as the plug arrangements have been tailored in line with residents' home nation electricity access. Mrs P should not pack a snake bite kit as there are no snakes in Blogland. However, she would be well-advised to pack her Mr P Repellant spray as the tropical weather may make him frisky.

  7. chicken feed ( small bag)
    2 buff orpingtons (they are very quiet)
    my matt cardle cd collection
    one signed photo of russell Crowe
    1 bottle of gordons gin
    a kagool

  8. Crocs are much more comfortable than flip-flops though I agree they are not terribly stylish. I hope the knotted hanky is to wear on your head in the sun, along with the ankle socks and sandals. Splendid. Makes me proud to be British. Should I bring my wetsuit?

  9. I'm having a little trouble with that new bikini I bought from Elle. Only fits in some places. I may have to search out something more suitable....
    Daphne's suggestion of a wet suit sounds ok but last time I tried one on I looked a bit like a sausage.

  10. Seven pairs of underpants, isn't that excessive? Remember you can always wear them inside out for the second month. Seven pairs would thus give you 14 months with no need for pant-washing .... I think I'll take less underwear, and more YP mix :)

  11. DAPHNE The water is so lovely and warm in Blogland that a wetsuit will be most unnecessary. Just a skimpy bikini will be fine.
    HELEN Rather than a wetsuit why not opt for your birthday suit?
    BRIAN Perhaps in Catalonia the men are less than hygienic but back in Yorkshire we know that unclean knickers are most distasteful to the opposite sex. However, if you fill your suitcase with extra Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire pudding mix, I for one will not be disappoiunted.

  12. When did we pick a national anthem?

    Oh, to be in Blogland, now that April's there....

  13. RHYMES WITH Our national anthem was picked by The Executive Committee back in November - see this link:-

  14. Oh Dear! It's Wednesday here already, an I'm not anywhere near packed.
    Remembering my last trip to the tropics, later in the morning I expect I'll grab my snorkel and flippers, sun protection cream, insect repellent, knickers, togs, towel, straw sunhat, three or four lavalavas, a cotton cardie for the evenings, and jandals for the hot sand. Oh I think I'll take my wok too. I love making stir-fries, and they are so quick and easy. I expect I'll be living mostly on fruit and rice, egg foo yong (John's eggs) with some home- grown salad greens (oh, better take my garden trowel and a watering can) and sprouts.

    The bulk of my luggage is my Apple laptop, and all my paints and brushes, turps, pencils, paper and canvasses, stretchers etc., etc. Phew. I'm sure to be over weight, with all this arty stuff.

    After the sell-out exhibition in June, I'm going to buy a Kindle (Patrick O'Brien, Terry Pratchett, Jane Austin) and an ipod for my music (mostly classical). Once I have my music and reading, I'll be happy as a sandgirl, and can start painting commissions for the walls of your bures, if you wish.


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