13 April 2012


Cameron sucking up to Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma
Horace Ponsonby-Cameron, the British prime-minister has just visited Burma, meeting with the country's own Mandela-like figure - Aung San Suu Kyi. Wishing to brown-nose and bolster his credentials as an international leader, Cameron's people thought it would be a great idea if he could visit Logland which mistakenly they thought was symbolic of  what might be achieved through improved Anglo-Burmese business relations. Somewhere along the line, one of Cameron's Old Etonians must have overlooked the letter "B", imagining that they would be visiting a jungle logging development and not a community of bloggers.

I was lying in bed in my humble native hut when Thuza came rushing back in from her morning shower.

"Sir Pudding! Sir Pudding! You must to get up! Big boat coming to wharf! More blogger come!"

I leapt out of bed, yanked on my lilac speedos and after keying the code into my security gates jogged barefoot along the sandy forest trail towards the Robert Brague Memorial Wharf which is at the north of the island. I passed the empty homes of Mountain Thyme, Arctic Fox, Brain Brian and Katherine. Dozens of servants were already down at the wharf but they parted like the Red Sea to let me through. Cameron's cabin cruiser was just docking. He leapt off the boat wearing a khaki jungle outfit and a safari pith helmet. Perhaps assuming I was some sort of manager of a logging company, he headed straight for me with his hand outstretched. Several photographers followed in his wake.

Now I can honestly say that I have never in my life shaken hands with a known Tory, let alone the leader of the Conservative Party so I just ignored Cameron's manicured paw. 

"Passport!" I said.

"What?" grinned Cameron. "What do you mean?"

"Passport!" I said. "This is a sovereign state - the newest in the world and we do not take kindly to alien invaders... so passport!"

"But do you know who I am?" grinned Cameron, turning for the approbation of his press pack.

"Do you know who I am?" I retorted.

"No!" said Cameron scanning my lilac speedos enviously.

"I'm Yorkshire Pudding - representing the people of Blogland and there's certain things we don't allow here! No drugs! No weapons! No French! No Reality TV and no frigging Tories! So get the hell out of here ye silver spoon slimeball!"

By now Blogland's menial workers were cheering and chanting my name. Cameron was yelling that there would be a blackout on news or pictures from Blogland and who the hell had forgotten the "B"? He clambered back into "The Saucy Rebekah", accidentally dropping his pith helmet and his whole party headed back to Rangoon as I taught our assembled servants Yorkshire's traditional two-fingered salute for departing unwanted visitors.
Don't take the pith!


  1. 'Cheering and chanting your name'? Oh dear, YP, it didn't take you long to get delusions of grandeur. Come back to that there Yorkshire, Lad. All is not lost!

  2. Glad to see all's well over there! If you're interested in coming back, I've just picked up a season ticket for Hull City on EBay, for 2 pounds and a piece of chewing gum - I'm saving it for you as a peace-offering for letting you down by not being able to make it (when I'm King of CataloniaLand, I'll save an island or two over here for you too).

  3. JENNY Please address any complaints to my personal assistant in future. I'll be busy telling the tide to go back.
    BRIAN You mock my beloved Tigers at your peril senor! Do they have islands in Catalonia? Reserve Menorca for me please.

  4. When Thuza came rushing in from her morning shower, what exactly were you wearing before you yanked on your lilac speedos? Or are we into Berlusconi territory here?

    That aside, you will enjoy this Daily Mail essay on Cameron that you probably missed while on your travels.

  5. SHOOTING PEE Thanks for "The Daily Mail" link. With friends like that paper does Cameron need any enemies? I agree with this remark - "Love her or hate her: Thatcher knew where she wanted to go" - Yes - into a nursing home for the senile!

  6. I thought you were going to leave all that political stuff behind YP. Blogland was to somehow be exempt from all that stuff that makes the rest of the world such a turbulent place. Calm yourself man. Chill ! You have paradise almost to yourself and all those servants catering to your every whim.
    Pour yourself a long glass of something cool and go snorkeling !

  7. round about now I REALLY wish an aubergine WOULD eat Rangoon!!!!!

  8. I like your David Cameron humor ~ the one where you accosted on the train and James bonded him down the Thames was also very funny ~ don't think it is in your top 10?


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