17 April 2012


Oh to be in England in the green of April time
To walk old paths of mystery
'Neath beech and birch and lime...

Shirley has just sent me these two pictures she snapped while walking round Eyam Moor in Derbyshire. It brings a lump to my throat here in my tropical isolation to think of my dear wife so far away and of my beautiful motherland, my fair England, far beyond these turquoise shores and these feathery coconut palms...
Millstone outcrop and view to Abneylow
At an abandoned hill farm above Stoke Ford
Meanwhile, my heart has been lifted by the discovery that Kiwi blogger Dame Katherine de Chevalle may not be far away - stranded on another island in The Andaman Sea. I am doing my best to work out her exact whereabouts. This was her plea for help....
Thank goodness I've managed to find this old computer so I can send this message. My plane crashed into the sea. I have made it to an island and I think I'm not far from Blogland. I don't think anyone else made it. I've been eating shellfish but today found a kind of underground living accommodation*** and there is loads of food here, and also - bliss - a bed and fresh water! 
Please please can anyone find me and rescue me? YP, Brian, John, Helsie, Jennyta, Fox, Robert, Jan, Daphne? I don't know if you have a boat of light plane, but as soon as it's convenient...please? I have not been able to post words on my TLVD blog, but have sent some photos I took with my iphone as the plane was descending over this island. And one of my view from the beach, but that could be anywhere! I hope you can identify the island from the shape.

I am now going to go back to the beach and lay out all but one of my brightly-coloured lavalavas on the sand above the high-tide mark as a sort of beacon. I hope you can come soon! I miss you all!

***= I think she means a cave!
If you're reading this Dame Katherine, please do not despair. I'm working on it. Rescue may be imminent. Please remain calm!


  1. it's a bit wet and windy and the weather's not too cracky either! You're missing nothing... although I DO hear that they may be deporting Abu Qatada to Blogland very soon!!

  2. That's fine Mr Fox. I'm sure there's an opening for Abu Qatada at the sewage treatment plant. Do you mind if he lodges in your lofty abode with its magnificent views of the ocean?

  3. The grass is always greener on the other side of the world.

  4. I'm terribly grateful for your efforts, thank you all! Especially to Helsie and YP. Helsie - I'm definately not in the Bay of Islands, as we were past the Java sea - that's where the engine's began to make funny noises.
    Gorgeous sunset tonight, and I went exploring today. There are a lot of mangroves around a bit from 'my' beach... This would be paradise if it hadn't been forced on me. More iPhone images on my blog.

  5. Katherine, you're a kayaker, is there anything on your island you can use to make a kayak? You must have one of those new solar-powered iPhones.


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