1 August 2013


As we step with eager anticipation into the very dawn of Yorkshire Day, it is perhaps timely to remind ourselves of absent blogging colleagues. Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition which has now been sent off to Blogger HQ in Tehran, Iran. For your interest there's a copy of said document below:- 
You don't have to be mad to take up blogging but as this crazy blogpost demonstrates - it helps!

And before I sign off to join the Yorkshire Day celebrations - welly throwing, ferret racing. loudest trump competition etc. I wonder if anyone else has noticed something about the zone of the blogosphere the above petitioners appear to inhabit. It's essentially a mature zone - populated by bloggers for whom the storms of youth are a distant memory. Most of us are in our fifties, sixties or in Father Brague's case - seventies. How has this happened? Is it simply living evidence of the adage, "Birds of a feather flock together"?

I don't think any of us erected barriers to teenagers or twenty and thirty somethings. Did we? Have they secretly peeped into our world and thought - boring old gits! Or is their cyber-time so  massively taken up by Facebook, Twitter and music that they have no appetite for the more measured, long-winded processes of blogging? It's another of life's mysteries.


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  2. I think we grow more thoughtful as we grow older. And it takes space to develop an idea and substantiate it. We like that. At least I do.

    Younger people and I was the same way, seem to want a quip and go. I know my sons, especially the older one; as soon as he understands what I'm saying, he doesn't want to bother hearing the details.

    Deleted my first comment because it was too short. :)

  3. Happy Yorkshire Day.
    I have mislaid my pudding tray. It looks as if another trip to Tesco is on the cards.
    Blogging takes far too much time for those with the attention span of a fruit fly.
    Be very careful if you are competing in the farting event. I'd hate to have to read of an accident.

  4. No, it's not just we 'mature' people who blog. I have on my sidebar a young blogger who was at school with my daughter and she, in turn, is linked to many other young bloggers.
    PS. I notice that our invitation to the celebrations is conspicuous by its absence! Never mind, we are doing 'Ladies who Lunch' instead. :)

  5. Yorky, did Hippo on the Lawn abstain from this petition? Thank you for taking care of the paperwork and postage to Tehran.

    Your observation is very interesting. You could do a whole PhD based on your thesis ~ but blogging about it is much more social.

  6. DAVID OLIVER...But I still believe there are some young people who do not fit that impatient, fluttering charcter. Where are they?
    ADRIAN I am sure that if you were participating in said competition you would be the outright winner.
    JENNY So why don't these oldie and fresh-faced blog zones seem to overlap very much? Maybe the young blogger visits you because she knows you.
    CAROL IN CHAINS Look again ma'am. Hippy on the Lawn is at the very top of the sheet in a wild western font of course!

  7. Honestly Mr. Pudding it looks like I don't know. I threw out my idea and Jenny has shot that down so I'm left with nothing. Maybe it is just you and me? What's wrong with us? *wrings hands* what to do? what to do? what to do?

    I should have come to Yorkshire for the celebration.

  8. What a great idea this petition is YP. I am missing these people too. So glad we have someone to provide leadership and sping into action.
    I think we are all of a similar age because we now have time to while away the hours surfing the net ... and have you noticed that many of us are retired from that profession where we communicated all day ( not always with great success )? It's rather nice to make new friends with people who we never would have had a chance of meeting any other way. Who would have thought that I would be reading about adventures with snakes of a friend in Angola and the celebration of Yorkshire Day with another pal as I nibble my toast. Love it !
    PS. Happy Yorkshire Day

  9. I am most put out that I seem to be the most eliterate

  10. Now I know why I frequent the blogs of you, John, Cro and Tom!!! I've reached the age that is required for participation. And to think that I thought it was because you were all so entertaining and witty.

  11. I miss those who have left, and I'm trying so hard not to be one of them.

  12. I have only been blogging a few years but already I have noticed a few old favourites dropping off the radar. Two because they died, a pretty damn good excuse to stop blogging. Others for reasons I do not know.

    It is always very sad to remove their link from my favourites side bar.

    If I stop blogging without warning for a month or more, you will know that I am either dead, or in jail!

  13. KELLY Like a nice Gorgonzola you are indeed mature ma'am! Fancy a soothing massage when you come to England?
    EARL GRAY At least you can do a cross! Gorilla Bananas can only manage a paw print!
    JAN BLAWAT Aw shucks! Please don't go Jan! Surely you can manage a blogpost a week?
    HIPPO Dead or in jail? Why not both? Dead AND in jail. Angolan jail wardens would never notice...I'm just saying.

  14. Ask Ian Hutson, he knows; he's hedging his bets by cosying up to the other 'younger' forms of cybersphere happenings. He's such a Bakewell.


  15. Well, Mr. Pudding, I have been thinking of returning to Blogland in the last weeks. I am indeed one of those for whom the storms of youth are a distant memory and I do so enjoy reading your blog and poems and stepping out with you on a walk through the eyes of your camera.

    But, I think of my life as pretty mundane and pedestrian. I love it, though, and think it is fabulous!

    My eyes have been fixed....the disease is still there, but they are as good as they are going to get. So, maybe I will give it a whirl and see if anybody much is interested.

  16. LETTICE LEAF Clearly you are lusting after Ian Hutson. Are you attracted cby his owl pellets?
    MOUNTAIN THYME Glad to hear your visual problems are somewhat addressed. Please alert me when you are blogging again. Mundanity is okay. There's nothing wrong with that. It's how you deliver it that's key. And I am someone who has never been to Colorado. Tell us about it and your life there. Please.

  17. Was the petition successful?
    I agree with the "blogging is for old folk or unemployed layabouts" theory! Seriously, although I do know a few young bloggers (young being 25-30), I know no teens - and very few who actually know what a blog is for that matter (they don't even use email, the lazy ***!).
    I like blogging, though I admit it's time-consuming , but then what is time for but to be consumed doing those things you like.


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