13 August 2013


My "picture of the day":-
South of Lathkill Dale, the Limestone Way long distance footpath heads westwards for Monyash. Over the limestone walls and across Cales Dale you can see the jumble of buildings that make up One Ash Grange Farm. This is an ancient landscape. Often, embedded in the limestone, you will come across the fossilised remains of sea creatures that inhabited this planet long before human beings evolved. And within a mile of this location there's one of northern England's best kept secrets - Arbor Low. 

It was a large temple site and meeting place for people who lived way back in the mists of time -  at least five thousand years ago. What did they talk about and what did they believe? I don't know but I guess they knew more about the sky and the elements than we do. They were resourceful. They hunted and they made shelters. They did their best to survive and tried to make some sense of the world they knew. They laughed and they loved. They fought and raised children and they felt the wind in their hair - perhaps the first chilly breath of impending autumn like the breeze I felt up there today.


  1. Oh, to be in England, now that impending autumn's there....

  2. Autumn already? yes, you're right YP....and that photo really is lovely.

  3. One of your best YP.
    Autumn ? Yes it's certainly Spring here. 28 degrees today !

  4. CAROL IN CHAINS Well, I guess I am.
    RHYMES WITH PLAGUE So book your air ticket and come over. I will even direct you to a suitable church on Sunday where you can bash your tambourine and praise The Lord.
    LIBBY When I was a schoolboy I thought that August was the summer but it isn't really - it's the fag end of summer.
    HELEN Glad you liked the picture. I know we will get more warm days over here but in mid-August the summer is truly dying and September is just round the corner.

  5. Yorky, I feel sad that your Summer is on it's way out. Seemed like it only began last week. You are more than welcome to steal some sunshine from my Yellow blog post to extend your days.

  6. It is interesting to speculate about those people but I doubt we will ever know for sure if Stephen Hawking is right and I understood the last thing I read. Man can travel forward in time but never backward.

  7. DAVID OLIVER Hawking is wrong. What about archaeology? Through it we may not find out everything but we can fill in some of the gaps. Imagination is also a helpful and valid aid to understanding the past.


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