20 August 2013


The other day I was tickled pink when a visitor from the USA revealed her sheer puzzlement about my picture of Clifton Avenue, Rotherham. Across the pond, very few workers have ever been housed in brick terraces. Even in the Deep South, most poor workers have mainly occupied humble homes that are not connected to their neighbours' places. Americans have always enjoyed more space. Anyway, I have been playing around with that same picture and in honour of Clifton Avenue, these are just some of the results...

Motivational poster:-
Heatmap photo effect:-
Pencil sketch:-
 Old-fashioned sepia toning:-
Like a painting:-
I guess I should have more important things to do with my time but I like playing around with images. Some visitors might like to follow my example. See Photo Editor in the sidebar.


  1. I really like the sepia one.

    1. is that because Wrexham is sepia coloured in real life?

  2. Aha, you fiddled with the photographs just so you could insult your commenters....

    1. Oh dear, you know me better than I know myself!


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