7 August 2013


Yorkshire exile Brian Cutts has taken to a rather lazy kind of blogging this summer - whereby he just posts songs from the past lifted from YouTube which I previously thought was a new brand of toothpaste that used the entrails of female sheep! Anyway, feeing rather lazy today, I am going to follow the pudding burner's example and post a random song from the past that has always stuck in my head. It's 1965 and it's The Beach Boys:-
I had the pleasure of watching The Beach Boys in concert in 1971 at The Great Western Festival in Bardney near Lincoln. They were headlining along with Slade who, rather surprisingly, were also quite brilliant. But that weekend afternoon in the sunshine, it was lovely to hear the west coast harmonies of The Beach Boys who brought California to the plains of Lincolnshire. I was eighteen and there with my old mate Jock Hornby, digging the music, planning that when next in the East Yorkshire seaside town of  Hornsea we would look out over the grey North Sea and announce "Surf's up!"


  1. I can remember, to my chagrin, loving the Beach Boys...not all of them but the song Good Vibrations. It was like Hey Jude by the Beatles and Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf. No particular merit in the songs but they gave a lot of listening for a shilling on a Juke Box.

    That's Yorkshire for you. Not tight but careful.

  2. Ee by gum, love the flat cap, very East coast...Skeggy perhaps?


  3. My younger brother and I always argued over who was best. First it was Elvis Presley vs Pat Boone. Then Beach Boys vs Beatles, and finally Stones vs Beatles. I won't say which were my favorites, when you get older all those songs from the past sound good.

  4. It was 1972 I think YP and I was at the very same festival! we could have passed each other....you might have seen me....young girl/jeans/fur coat/long hair?

  5. It was a short haired fur coat...I had the long hair! I remember stone the crows and don mcclean and so many others.......

  6. ADRIAN I can just imagine you now in your camper van with your dogs, up in Ross and Cromarty with the windscreen wipers swishing singing along to "Good Vibrations"...
    LETTICE When they refer to "east coast girls" I rather think they mean New York and New England - not Skeggy and Mabelthorpe!
    JAN BLAWAT I guess that the Beachboys were thinking of you and your girlfriends when they created this song.
    LIBBY My memory is like a sieve some time. You are right it was 1972 - the end of May. The Beach Boys were a late addition I think. Your description leads me to suspect I may have snogged you behind the urinals. Were you wearing patchouli perfume? Sorry about the tongue.

  7. YP. sorry to disillusion you the camper is currently rocking to James Plant and Alison Crowse.
    The wipers are stagnant. It's not rained for nine hours.

  8. Glad to see I inspired you!
    As you may have guessed, I've been on holiday - to sunny Barnsley - but I don't like to leave my blog completely on hold, so I usually program a couple of things. In previous summers I've written 10,000 word posts on musical history, but this year I've followed Winston Churchill's advice - why use words, when the music says it all?


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