2 November 2014


My apologies to non-British TV viewers who will not be familiar with most of the faces that follow. I am thinking about television presenters. There are some with whom I feel very comfortable - people who seem to me to have an honest and open presence on the screen and are not swooning with self-love. Others just about turn my stomach to a point where if they are presenting I will quickly turn to a different channel. Supercilious, self-obsessed people whose gazes into the camera lens tend to be more about "me, me, me" than the communication job with which they have been entrusted. Presenters are only presenters - they should not be too big for their boots.
David Attenborough -  A giant of a presenter all my life
Kirsty Young - Thoughtful and incisive
Matt Baker - Decent guy next door
Tony Robinson - Warm, passionate about history  and honest 
Kirsty Wark - Intelligent and fair
Alex Jones Lovely and natural
The odious and boorish Jeremy Clarkson
Claudia Winkelman - In love with her own reflection
Chris Evans - Awful and moronic with money in mind
Ant and Dec - The Lowest Common Denominators


  1. I hear Kirsty Young on Desert Island discs. I have seen Jeremy Clarkson but not for donkeys years.
    It seems I miss little through not having television. I did watch Autumn Watch onI-Player. I wouldn't miss that.

    1. If Chris Packham (another smashing presenter) drops dead perhaps you could sit on the couch with Michaela Strachan? "Welcome to Autumn Watch with Michela Strachan and Father Aids"!!!

  2. Replies
    1. And now we go to the Isle of Lewis for "Catwatch" with your presenter Graham Eagleton...

  3. Could I suggest Julia Bradbury for the walkers and ramblers pin up girl?

    1. Yes. Julia is good too...and she's from Sheffield.

  4. Sorry YP but I can't agree with Blue Peter boy Matt Baker. Every programme he does ends up like Blue Peter. He always asks such puerile questions to really intelligent people.

    1. Well I like him Molly so there! Can you name one "good" presenter I haven't mentioned and one "bad" - your opinions of course.

    2. GOOD: Prof Brian Cox (I just pretend I know what he's talking about!).

      BAD: The very annoying Jeremy Vine.

  5. I definitely agree with you on Clarkson...I can't stand him.

    I'm a Brian Cox fan, too; and, of course...who couldn't like and admire David Attenborough?

  6. I've been watching enough telly during my annual Yorkshire holiday to know some of these, and I agree with your listing of Clarkson among the "bad" lot. This man gives me goosebumps - but NOT in a pleasant manner. There is just something slimy and unreal about him. Although it is always difficult ot say something about a person one has never met in real life.


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