25 May 2011


Oh dear. This is getting tiresome. Another four day weekend so another little trip to plan as my time in Thailand ebbs away. AirAsia from Bangkok to Krabi in the south of the country. I leave tomorrow morning at ten.

There is a tiny island that floats in an azure bay - an arm of the Andaman Sea. Its sands are bleached white and the water that surrounds it is crystal clear. I'm going to stay there for two nights, hoping that the weather and the sea itself are kind to me. Otherwise I'll be sitting in my little hut under the palm trees as rain teems down and waves crash, wondering how I could have been so crazy as to pick a place like that. Getting on and off the island will be difficult enough but when I heard about it I just had to go. An adventure.

It's called Poda Island and here it is. It's the larger one with the rocky outcrop. Full report when/if I return:-


  1. Oh wow...such adventures....enjoy them all.

  2. Enjoy the break, YP.

  3. Ohhhh that looks lovely! I hope the sun shines for you.

  4. While slumbering on your bleached white beach, it is worth bearing in mind that the fine white sand is the result of the anal excretions of the parrotfish.

  5. Are you daft, man? Where is the 5-star resort hotel? The Olympic-sized pool? The Las Vegas-type casino?

  6. wasnt poda that strange creature in star wars?


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