1 May 2011


All cities need green lungs but with its endless traffic and high rise construction fever, Bangkok needs these oases more than most cities. Its most famous park is Lumphini. I went for a stroll there yesterday. What did I see?
Swans conversing at the lakeside.
A chain of blindfolded young people.
Brass band practice under the trees.
"Women in the next Three Decades" bronze sculpture.
Grandmother and grandsons at the lakeside.
A monitor lizard at the water's edge - see her blue forked tongue.


  1. Only you could have produced this post.

  2. love the band practice! would to see that happen along the Porter Brook

  3. What a fascinating mixture of the very familiar and the very foreign. Me? I've got a cold and have spent the whole of the Bank Holiday weekend feeling sorry for myself so haven't been anywhere. I think it's Royalists' Revenge for all my sniping at that wedding thingy on Friday. Yes, I know you didn't want to know about my cold but I'm telling you anyway, so there. Still sunny here by the way. Hard to remember any other type of weather.

  4. What were those blindfolded people playing at? Did you find out?

  5. RHYMES WITH Are you sayng I'm a mad man?....You're right.
    JOHN GRAY Can you imagine wholesome young people doing that in an English park without being denigrated by spotty oiks with baseball hats and bad attitudes?
    DAPHNE Oh you poor darling! A bad cold. Call an ambulance somebody!
    SHOOTING PEE I don't know what it was about. Perhaps some self-awareness course. Either that or a communal sex game. Why not try it with your neighbours?


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