17 May 2012


I just noticed that this blog has hit and now passed  250,000 views. In the past seven years I have had a couple of problems with view counters but I quickly reset them or sought alternative providers - always trying to make sure that the number going forward was correct. Of course, seven years ago when the Blogger format was less sophisticated, one's stats were not so readily available.

Quarter of a million views. If each view was a football supporter they'd fill Wembley Stadium almost three times over and if every view was a pound coin I'd be as happy as an investment banker on payday.

When you first dip your toes in the shallow end of the blogosphere, you wonder if anyone will ever read what you've written or look at any of the pictures you've posted and then, almost like magic, people come and go as links are made or broken. Isn't it wonderful? I think so.

Well I don't know if I'll ever get to half a million hits. Death could cart me off long before then or I could simply run out of things to say. In the meantime many thanks to regular visitors - those who comment and those who don't. Your presence is appreciated - especially so now that my Blogland dream is slowly turning into some kind of living hell. It reminds me of a line from a Joni Mitchell song - "That was just a dream some of us had."


  1. Congratulations me old blog-mate! Will you celebrate with a pint of Tetleys?

  2. Having just past 100,000 views myself, the green-eyed monster raises its ugly head.

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  4. "If each view was a football supporter they'd fill Wembley Stadium almost three times over..."
    So how many foorball pitches would they cover? You always have to compare statistics with football pitches or double decker buses!

  5. Or if all your readers were laid end to end, I wouldn't be surprised!

    Seriously, well done mate. I only wish I'd kept some decent stats. As it is, I can only tell what happened on my blog for the last twelve months.

  6. just drop a few extremely rude words into a few blog posts and your hits will go shooting through the roof as google matches you up at every adolescent's search criteria!!


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