7 May 2012


Donald McGill (1875 - 1962) brightened many holidaymakers' lives with his famous saucy seaside postcards. There's now a blue plaque on the house where he used to live in Blackheath, London. It's amazing to think that in the fifties, his mischievous artistry was frowned upon by the authorities to such a degree that he faced censorship, legal retribution and occasionally stocks of his saucy cards were confiscated during police raids. I understand that the weather over in Great Britain has been  rather miserable the last couple of weeks so here are a few McGill cards to cheer you all up. Meanwhile, I'll be swinging from the jungle jim rope I've set up over a natural pool in the nearby tropical clearing - "Geronimo!"


  1. Er, shouldn't that be 'jungle gym' YP? As for the weather over here - just stop crowing, will you!!

  2. I never could really understand my parents' enjoyment of the - let's say - 'organ-oriented' joke. They loved all those tits and bums comedians like Benny Hill and the Carry On series. But I do know that it is entrenched and typically English. Some blame the Victorians. But it goes back a lot further, to the Bard himself. Have you ever read 'Venus and Adonis'? It's as naughty and as English as a stick of seaside rock, cock.

  3. JENNY No - Jungle Jim. A Jungle Gym is different
    KATHERINE We English are extremely naughty and bawdy, but:-
    These blue-vein'd violets whereon we lean
    Never can blab, nor know not what we mean.
    EARL GRAY Ooo! Errr! Missus! indeed. You're Frankie Howerd re-incarnated!

  4. Can't you get someone to knock up a series of saucy postcards for Blogland? I'm sure there's got to be a joke about Desert Island Dick in there somewhere.

  5. SHOOTING PARROTS Great idea sir. Maybe Desert Island Dickhead? When are you coming?

  6. here in sunny Cluddersfax..... we have our own "saucy" postcard heritage..... I can only apologise in advance for the AWFUL pop-ups on the following page...... following page!


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