14 May 2012


Once upon a time there was a baby rabbit called Bunnykins. He had lost Flopsy - his mummy - so he set off on a very long journey to find her, hip-hopping through the north east Derbyshire countryside
He hopped through Hollin Wood, noticing that lovely bluebells were blooming there but Bunnykins couldn't see his Mummy Flopsy anywhere.
Then near the Farm at Rumbling Street, he looked across the fields over Sweetingsick Wood towards Holmesfield but his mummy's rabbity ears were nowhere to be seen.
Hippity-hop, hippity-hop and Little Bunnykins arrived in the big dandelion field near Spitewinter Farm. He stood up on his tippy-toes hoping to see his mummy's flippy-floppy ears amidst all those yellow flowers but all he saw was a fat bumble bee busily flitting from flowerhead to flowerhead. Buzzzzzzz!
Down in the valley he could see Crowhole Reservoir and the big new house next to it so hippity-hoppety he ran down the hill and peeped in through Reservoir House's big kitchen windows.
And this is what Little Bunnykins saw:-
Mummy Flopsy in the middle with Uncle Hopalong on the right and Grannie Wiggily on the left. Bunnykins cried out to them but they didn't move, no they didn't move at all.


  1. that's one unfunny bunny honey!

  2. I am just about to redirect the animal loving hoards from my blog to chastise you!
    you beast

  3. ARCTIC FOX Good job little Bunnykins didn't meet a rampant arctic fox on his travels!
    EARL GRAY I have noticed how gradually you have become the leader of an animal-loving cult. Soon American pilgrims will be arriving on your doorstep to break bread with St John - the patron saint of abandoned chickens. You could do a roaring trade in cheap plastic souvenirs.

  4. I was expecting a rather ruder rampant rabbit ending to your story, so the actual denouement came as something of a let down!

  5. You are a mean, vindictive person. I say that in Christian love, of course.

  6. Very Droll.
    Nice shots, though. (geddit?)

  7. SHOOTING PARROTS That night at The Stripper Club in LV seems to have filled your head with unsavoury thoughts.
    RHYMES WITH... I didn't realise you were a bunny lover... How do you prefer them? Sautéed?
    KATHERINE Ha! Ha! Camera shots or gunshots!!! You should do stand up!

  8. You're a sick puppy.

  9. I am amused and heartbroken all at the same time. How on earth is that possible? I will have to admit that after reading your blog for a bit now, I wasn't surprised much by the ending. :)


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