31 May 2012


In tandem with Queen Elizabeth II's  happy and glorious Diamond Jubilee, English Heritage have sponsored the  production of a booklet which links this weekend's diamond jubilee with Queen Victoria's. David Lambert's booklet focuses on public parks. It can be viewed as a pdf document. Just click on the front cover image below:-
The writing is interesting in its own right but the reason I mention this booklet is that on page eighteen there's a picture that I took in Endcliffe Park which is just down the hill from my old house in Sheffield.

It will seem funny celebrating Her Majesty's remarkable milestone here on  my own in Blogland. I mean, you can hardly have a street party with just one participant but I shall certainly raise a glass to Elizabeth - a constant star in changing times. Politicians, fashions, inventions, wars, celebrities - they have all come and gone but Elizabeth has endured - serene, dutiful and wise for sixty years. She's more than a face on a postage stamp and we will miss her when she's gone. God Save The Queen!


  1. the weather here is supposed to be crap on sunday mr pud.... here's hoping you will have a dry day

  2. Well done! Certainly knocks my photo in last week's Stockport Times into a cocked hat!

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  4. God save the Queen! I'm glad she's our Queen too.

  5. hang on something's changed round here.... why has this comment box moved right over here to this side??

    Oh, well.....

    There's a street party up the road from us..... we've been invited by two neighbours who aren't actually holding the street party in their garden.... seems a bit strange.... anyhoo.... I'll be out walking and Dawn will be out working..... and I'm not gonna tell you what everyone else will be doing!


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