2 May 2012


Between Jenny and Keith's homely cottage and Earl John Gray's sprawling Dallas-like ranch property, there is a lovely little beach where I often lounge in the palm shadows reading novels I ought to have read years ago like "Agnes Gray", "The Mill on the Floss" and "Poor Little Bitch Girl". When getting overheated I simply cool off in the bay. Today I swam out to the rocks just offshore where I gathered dozens of lovely fresh Andaman clams. Having no bag to carry them in, I had to stuff them into my lilac speedos before swimming back to the beach.

There I made a fire in the little barbecue pit and jogged up the hill to raid Jenny and Keith's fridge and cupboards. I needed a nice bottle of  Villard Noir (2006),  butter, salt and pepper, fresh herbs, a couple of lemons and of course a plate. Just like Elvis Presley I was getting excited about a "Clambake". It didn't take me long to prepare a mouthwatering dish of barbecued clams in a fresh herb butter and citrus sauce. Two of the under-worked kitchen girls from the social club happened to arrive on the beach for their afternoon dip so I shared my delicious clams with them.

Later I taught them how to sing "On Ilkley Moor Bah' Tat". They kept giggling and they just couldn't get the Yorkshire accent right so after a while I just clammed up.
This is a perfect appetizer, cocktail tidbit or snack. Grilling clams is quick to do while chatting with guests. Served topped with a light, refreshing herb and citrus sauce, there is nothing more elegant or easy to do. These clams would be a wonderful way to end an afternoon’s reading of one of the books of the sea, or a delicious reward to oneself after swimming with dolphins.. 
(Extract from Traditional Recipes from Blogland  by Yorkshire Pudding)


  1. As you have read, I used lemongrass (having no lemons) and banana with my shrimps. It was really, really good. There's nothing like eating really fresh seafood one has gathered oneself, is there YP?
    If I ever find blogland, perhaps we could have a pot-luck? With the weight I've lost, I have room in the top of my bikini for about a dozen shrimps.

  2. Clams in the lilac speedos? Shrimps in the bikini top? Curiouser and curiouser.

  3. I've heard that giant clams have been restored to the islands in the Andaman sea. I don't think I could close my eyes and force myself to snarf down even the tiniest clam, let alone one of those big ones. Might be a good time to become a vegetarian. I'll be sure to google lots of recipes using coconuts, mangoes, and things like that before I head for Blogland. Still waiting for the passport.

  4. the photo of cooking seafood has left me in a cold sweat .... feeling rather...... clammy!

  5. KATHERINE As I am a gentleman, I shall make no further reference to the secreting of sea creatures about one's person - apart from the next response.
    RHYMES WITH... I think I know where you could stash a sea cucumber!
    JAN BLAWAT God created a veritable larder for us to raid. When you get over here you musty try a bowl full of fresh black sea anenmones. Just a little seasoning and a squeeze of lemon. Slightly rubbery to chew but a remarkable flavour.
    ARCTIC FOX Did that clam remind you of some part of the human anatomy? Perhaps a clamour model?

  6. YP, is it too late to join you in Blogland? I'll get a boat, somehow....

  7. SAINT FARIDA Of course you can come to Blogland. Though there's no house for you at the moment, you can stay at my place. I guess that little Lucia is not so little now. Bring her too. I can find Bede a job de-husking coconuts.


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