29 May 2012


Though his buttocks were still sore after his unwanted confrontation with a Highland cow, my twin brother, Sticky Toffee, ignored the hospital's advice to rest up for a few days. Instead he drove out of Sheffield and parked up near the remote "Strines Inn" on the eastern edge of the moors. There he saw a peacock sitting in a tree. I post this picture specially for Earl Gray and Ms Jan Blawat who, if there is such a word, are both poultryphiles:-
Of course, while some bloggers are tending their chickens and pigeons, others are drinking themselves silly in bars and public houses. So for Jenny Demob-Happy  and Julian "Arctic" Fox, here's "The Strines Inn":-
Healthy urban bloggers like to get out into the countryside and take invigorating walks. This is the track past Foulstone Delf that leads eventually to Derwent Edge. I post it specially for Daphne from darkest Leeds:-
 On the edge there are several interesting rock formations that artistic bloggers like Kiwi-Katherine and Aussie-Helen will appreciate. These rocks are called "Cakes of Bread" but you can't eat them:-
This is an exposed millstone cliff high up Abbey Clough. I didn't even know it existed till Sticky Toffee emailed me his recent snaps. I guess that outdoor types like Shooting Parrots and Libby would love to tackle a  challenging rockface like that and after gathering their ropes and crampons they'd bivouac together overnight:-
Sticky Toffee saw a helium party balloon flying past Back Tor. Like Bobby Brague of Canton, it had a gaudy appearance, danced in the breeze and was filled with gas:-


  1. has the pub still got its two pigs in the paddock behind it?
    a regular haunt of mine good sir

  2. I did in fact spend this lunchtime in the beer garden of a fairly local hostelry.... drinking an easy going Copper Dragon beer and eating some mushroom and leek pie! Good times, and uncannily guesstimated!

  3. EARL GRAY No, but the barmaid told me that two pigs used to drink in the bar! Several peacocks strutting around with their tiny heads and ridiculous feathery tails.
    ARCTIC FOX My sources tell me that you have way surpassed your unit limit already this week. Think about your liver man!

  4. Love that area despite getting ever so slightly lost a couple of times - and sitting outside that very same PH 2 hours waiting for them to open so as to use their phone (pre-mobile days) and get a lift back home. I hope to be checking this beautiful countryside out soon once again, still without a mobile but with more common sense - i.e. don't go out of the pub beer garden this time.

  5. Now those rocks don't look anything like Cakes and Bread. More like giant cow poo to me.... but lovely countryside YP and I love English country pubs too !

  6. ... thinking back...... as in "this week" starting from Monday?..... didn't have a drink yesterday..... had 2 pints with me lunch today.... opened a bottle of white cos I needed some for my seafood paella and had a glass of that..... and a bottle of pre-made shandy...... that's not bad..... can't drink in this hot weather 'cos the hangovers are awful!!

  7. BRIAN Are you escaping the forthcoming implosion of the Spanish "economy"? Glad my post brought back a happy memory for you.
    HELEN You have enormous grey cow poo in Australia? Ours is usually greeny brown and flat as a pancake.
    ARCTIC FOX (Julian) You are clearly in denial. There's more to life than boozing. Why not take up jogging or watercolours instead?

  8. i've never been a runner.... asthmatic kid..... rubbish legs.... besides which, at every corner, I spill my pint! Water?colours.... I never touch the stuff!

  9. Yep, I've got a sack full of Euros if anyone wants them ? Toilet paper, anybody?


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