25 May 2012


I think I have kept this secret from you bloggers for long enough. It's time to tell you that I have an identical twin brother. His name is Sticky Toffee Pudding and for many years he has been propped up by medication and psychological counselling. Between you and me, I think he has got a screw loose - whereas I, in comparison, have so much common sense and mental well-being that I'm weighed down by it - like Friar Tuck carrying Robin Hood on his back all the time.

Anyway, the reason why I had to announce the above is that Sticky Toffee has annoyingly taken up one of my favourite hobbies - namely photography. I understand that northern England has been experiencing a mini-heatwave the last few days and accompanied by his current counsellor, Sticky Toffee has been out and about snapping pictures. Though it pains me to say it, I am quite impressed by some of his snaps and I have taken the liberty of picking out a bunch of them for your ocular pleasure. Stick Toffee reminded me that you can click on the photos to enlarge them.
Thirteenth century wayside cross - Shillito Wood
Nelson's Monument, Birchen Edge
At Hacking Hill, Cubley near Penistone
Sheep sheltering from the sun near Castle Dam, Penistone
Black Rock south of Cromford
Wild Garlic, Harp Edge, Matlock Bath
Matlock Bath from the Jubilee Bridge
After posting all that I feel exhausted so excuse me while I retire for my siesta. It's so warm and still today,  the air feels like sticky toffee.


  1. Beautiful photos, but why would there be a wayside cross out in the middle of nowhere? Did thirteenth-century travellers feel the need to "stop and drop" for the occasional worship?

    I much prefer sticky toffee to sticky buns. I'm sure you do, too.

  2. have you a sister called Bakewell tart by any chance?

  3. you said "Penistone"! (titters).... oh now I said "titters"... oh, wait, now I said... well you get the idea... I've ridden the Penistone line a few times in my life.... single track if I'm not mistaken!

  4. RHYMESWITH The guide posts were probably erected by monks from the abbey at Beauchief - now in the suburbs of Sheffield. So as well as guiding the jaggers and other carriers and merchants over the hills, these particular crosses may have indicated the monasterial possession of land.
    EARL GRAY No. The surname "Tart" is a big clue.In fact my sister was called Bread and Butter Pudding.

  5. ARCTIC FOX Why would the name Penistone make you titter? Very juvenile! Now Cockermouth I could understand and just near Thurgoland I spotted a waste treatment plant at - I kid you not - Cheese Bottom!...And yes, single line now.

  6. You mean there are TWO of you!!!

  7. I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but I think Sticky Toffee might be a better photographer than you.

  8. Please tell STP to take more pictures of horses.

  9. SHOOTING PARROTS I think you rather enjoyed telling me that.
    JAN BLAWAT I will tell STP but he rarely listens to me. To tell you the truth when I lived in England and found myself walking in fields containing horses, I was always a little nervous. There isn't even one horse in Blogland.

  10. I thought she married a chap called jam?

  11. EARL GRAY Ha! Ha! As you well know, Bakewell is renowned for its tarts but my sister wasn't one of them. She was born a Pudding and died a Pudding.

  12. He's rather good :)


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