3 May 2012


That's our Ian on the right. The men's clothing store he works for just won the prize for "Best Men's Fashion Shop" (2012) in South Yorkshire at the "Exposed" magazine awards. 

He's worked at "Sa-kis" for seven years but I'm not sure how much longer he'll be there. His girlfriend, Ruby, is just graduating from St Andrew's University and she's keen to move down to London  to work in a media-based company. It looks as though Ian will go with her. Sometimes in life you have to stop weighing things up and just go for it.

Shirley and I  are very lucky to have two such wonderful children. They are both decent, hard-working and kind. They love life and the treasures that it has to offer.

Frances has been in Leeds for nine months now, learning what it is to be a recruitment consultant in a high pressure company with ambitious targets. She's been renting a little one bedroom flat next to the River Aire but may soon be moving into a much bigger Leeds flat with Alex - one of Ian's former school friends. It should save her a good bit of money each month.

I miss both of them terribly and hope one day they will come over to Blogland to see their old man.


  1. I'm sure they will, YP. You have two lovely, successful children and you have a right to be proud of them. Bringing children up these days, with all the pitfalls of modern life is no easy task.

  2. He is a veritable vision of sartorial splendour. My congratulations to him and to you on a job well done.

  3. He certainly knows how to dress well. Can't have learnt THAT from you going by the latest photo of you in Blogland ( I do hope you were wearing those dreadful lilac budgie smugglers of yours underneath the skimpy piece of cloth you had draped around your nether regions!)

  4. PS. Handsome fellow- he must take after Shirley.

  5. JENNY Thanks for that. As another blogger said recently - you are so kind.
    RHYMES WITH... Thank you kind sir.
    HELEN I have never heard clams called budgies! It's amazing what my lilac speedos will accommodate. "Handsome fellow - he must take after Shirley" Thanks for that Edwina! What was it that attracted you to John Major?

  6. Well done you both, he looks a lovely lad!

    I think Helsie is referring to my post YPud.

  7. 'e looks a dapper dude alright.... far too smart for my neanderthal tastes/pockets!

  8. ARCTIC FOX They do stock Fred Flintstone outfits too.


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