10 May 2012


Teatime at The Blogland Social Club
Yorkshire Pudding shakes hands with Katherine deChevalle and shepherds her to the best table on the social club's bay view verandah. She is carrying a palm leaf basket.

Yorkshire Pudding How are you? Rested now?
Katherine Yes, feeling much better thank you. I just needed to sleep. That canoe voyage took more out of me than I imagined. Plus I'm not really used to drinking pints of Yorkshire beer.
Yorkshire Pudding Well you're here now Katherine. Would you like something to drink?
Katherine Yes please. Do you think they might have any Japanese green tea with roasted rice?
Yorkshire Pudding Yuk! Hang on I'll just ask them. (He snaps his fingers)
Gouba (bowing) Yes Mr Pudding sir. How can I serve you?
Yorkshire Pudding Well Gouba, I'd like a nice pint of Tetley's bitter and a Japanese green tea with roasted rice.
Katherine Oh, and could I have milk and sugar to adulterate the tea please?
Gouba Yes ma'am. No problem Miss Katherine. (He scurries away)
Yorkshire Pudding So, how are you finding Blogland? Glad you're here?
Katherine Oh it's lovely Yorkie. Far more beautiful than I even imagined and so peaceful. I can't wait to make art. I feel so inspired. What have you been doing today?
Yorkshire Pudding Reading The Koran. It's hard going and then I went snorkelling over the reef. The water's so clear here. There are some fantastic sights just below the surface. You must come out with me some time.
(Katherine puts her woven palm basket on the table)
Yorkshire Pudding Mmm.. that smells nice? What is it?
Katherine It's a fruit cake. I used an old Kiwi recipe. It was my mother's favourite.
Yorkshire Pudding It's huge! When did you bake it?
Katherine Last night before I went to bed. Fancy a slice?
Yorkshire Pudding Yes please (He snaps his fingers again) Gouba! Gouba! Bring a large knife!
Gouba (From the bar) Okay Mr Pudding. Coming sir!
Katherine I must say, I'm rather glad that some of our mutual blogging acquaintances haven't made it over here.
Yorkshire Pudding I know what you mean Katherine. Take that Brague fellow from Canton, Georgia. He's so abrasive. He'd have been trying to rule the roost the minute he arrived.
Katherine Oh I think Robert is rather sweet. I'd just love to fiddle with his cute goatee beard. He's like a big billy goat. What about that chicken farming guy from North Wales?
Yorkshire Pudding Oh, you mean John Gray? He's rather emotional don't you think? There'd be so many ups and downs and he's obsessive about animals - even chickens for Christ's sake! And he'd be publishing all the community gossip on his blog. We'd have had to learn to keep our mouths shut with him around!
Katherine I was looking forward to meeting Jenny and Keith
Yorkshire Pudding Yes. Jenny's a nice lady. Well-mannered like all former teachers. Keith could have been useful advising on national security.
Katherine Oh it's so warm Yorkie. I think I'll go for a dip.
Yorkshire Pudding Well I think I'll just order another pint of Tetley's and carry on with The Koran. Let me see - where was I :- Garments of fire have been prepared for the unbelievers. Scalding water shall be poured upon their heads, melting their skins and that which is in their bellies. They shall be lashed with rods of iron.
Yorkshire Pudding Charming! Enjoy your swim Katherine.... Gouba! Gouba! More beer!


  1. I'm a little sad to see that I'm not mentioned here YP...I haven't been posting as I've been having a lie down to get over the shock of you suggesting I pole dance!!

  2. LIBBY Sorry to have made you feel sad. After Katherine returned from her swim in the bay we actually did talk about you and lots of other bloggers too. Katherine and I were both extremely miffed to discover that you and your "mister" have chosen to visit Paxos instead of joining us here in Blogland where your designer villa still awaits you. I guess you'll be showing the Greeks how to pole dance whilst on Paxos? Don't get arrested! You know what you're like!

  3. "Im rather emotional am I?"
    I'll give you emotional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was walking down West Street last night around 5pm and thought I saw you ( or someone verymuch like you( old, hunched, vague, scruffy)
    but them I thought better of it... realizing that you remain on a tropical beach

  4. Thanks for the compliment, YP. Glad you two are enjoying the laid-back life in Blogland.

  5. Oh dear. I didn't realise the microphone was on. I'll have to watch what I say in future.

    It was a really lovely evening, as I said. Thank you again Yorkie. Well, except for the 'ping pong'. Sorry I had to renege. I was expecting table tennis.

  6. Please read my blog today for a pleasant surprise.


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