9 September 2015


Our noble queen - happy and glorious - long to reign over us has now been on the British throne longer than any other  monarch in our lengthy history. Elizabeth II's great great grandmother Queen Victoria was on the throne for sixty three years and seven months but today Elizabeth has eclipsed that record.

To mark this proud moment, I have spent months crafting the following heartfelt poem which I offer to her majesty as a humble verbal gift and as an expression of my gratitude and loyalty to her most regal highness.

Ode to Queen Elizabeth II
On the day she  became our  longest reigning monarch - Queen of  The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, and Saint Kitts and Nevis. )

Oh noble queen of this fair land
A poem I writ with my own hand
To honour thee Elizabeth
Jewel of our shibboleth
With dashing Philip at your side
You have had to ride
In  vehicles strange and various
Some being quite precarious
Like elephants.

Oh noble queen of The Commonwealth
May I enquire about your health?
Eighty nine years old are you
Accession was way back in 52
You have overtaken Victoria now
Such a miserable old cow
Was she all dressed in black
But you Elizabeth have had a knack
With colours - like a parrot.

Oh noble queen of the postage stamp
As  I make this poem my old oil lamp
Flickers like decades passing by
And we know that one day you must die
To leave your subjects quite bereft
With bumbling Charles or balding William left
To lead us once more to the breach
Jerusalem still out of reach
Like the fabled unicorn

Oh noble queen of people's hearts
A phenomenal woman of many parts
For sixty three years you have served so well
Putting world leaders under your spell
We bow to thee your majesty
Your grace, your smile, your dignity
Your face is on every coin I spend
To you my gratitude I send
Like a soft blown kiss
To sweet Queen Liz!
By your faithful subject - Mr Yorkshire Pudding


  1. Pretty impressive length of time to be a monarch.

  2. Lovely poem too Yorkie .

    1. Lovely poem? It was deliberately rather awkward - like a swooning schoolboy's offering.

    2. Well I was being kind , it reminded me a bit of Adrian Mole's poetry ....

    3. I thought perhaps you were trying a new style of writing . Naive style perhaps .....

    4. Yes it was meant to be naive Leishy and I do see what you mean about Adrian Mole!

  3. I can't decide if you are being serious or a bit snarky, or both. The look on her face matches the one on mine as I contemplate your creation. By the way, you put too many m's in Commonwealth.

    Here is a creation of my own:

    Here's to Lilibet, grown old at last.
    Eighty-nine years flew by so fast.
    Sixty-three spent on the throne,
    You're in a class now all your own.
    Don't you worry, don't you fret.
    You'll always be our Lilibet.

    1. I spent five minutes on mine.

    2. You know that I could write a much better poem than the one I posted Bob! It is injected with a certain silliness and awkward rhetoric. Your little ditty on the other hand is a masterpiece of linguistic ingenuity and royal passion! Five minutes? You are a genius sir!

  4. Well done, Yorkie!

    A fitting tribute to a lady who has fulfilled and still is fulfilling the promises she made so long ago! She is a gracious lady, indeed. Long has she reigned. She is to be admired.

    1. Fitting tribute? I think my poem is rather daft but having said that I am genuinely proud of QE2 and admire and applaud her years of honourable service. I could have written a very different poem - more serious and polished.

    2. It appears I can't say the right thing these days. I thought I was giving you a compliment...I meant it to be complimentary.. Oh, well...

    3. You are usually very good at saying the right thing Lee!

  5. I was brought up to say nothing if I had nothing nice to say so......................NOTHING.

    1. NOTHING in block capital letters sounds a little testy as if you might be anti-monarchy! Guards! Arrest that man! Clap him in irons!

  6. I suspect your tribute in verse to Her Majesty is somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

    Ms Soup

    1. You have read between the lines very accurately Alphie!

  7. It's not often that I come across the word shibboleth, and I dare say it is even rarer that I come across someone who knows what it means.

    No matter how much (or not) tongue in cheek you mean your poem, it made for good company to my first mug of coffee this morning!

    1. Shibboleth? What else rhymes with Elizabeth? Now if she had been called Queen Meike, rhyming would have been a little easier - hitch hiker, kitchen formica, like her etcetera.

    2. Maybe it takes a rhymeswithplague to know what rhymeswithElizabeth:

      Corgi breath
      Smell of death
      Bad drug, meth
      You thay no, I thay yeth

      ...or perhaps a nice slant rhyme:

      Christmas wreath
      Edward Heath
      Queen Mother's teeth

      Shall I go on?

    3. Treacherous rhymes! Treacherous Rhymes With Plague! Your poetry is as cunning as your artful beard suggests it might be!

  8. Whatever my or anyone else's views on monarchy as an institution QE2 has been a cracking good, hard-working head of state.

  9. From what I can see from across the pond, she does seem to be a certain kind of glue that holds it all together over there.

    I liked the poem much, Mr. Pudding. And, I like your Queen.

    1. I knew they made glue from horses but monarchs?

  10. Good on her, I think she's great ! ......and Peace Thyme is right. She is the glue that holds us all together.

    1. Elizabeth II has been a remarkable monarch hasn't she Helen - our whole lives through. It will be a very sad day when she passes away and as her mother died at 101, QE2 could easily outlive me.

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