5 January 2010


Do you remember "Deano" - our friendly garden gnome in his smart Hull City kit? Well today he seemed to have the weight of the world upon his little gnomish head and was threatening to turn into a snowman after five inches of snow had fallen upon Pudding Towers within three hours. Here he is:-Global warming? The entire Pudding estate is clogged with snow so tonight's masked ball has had to be postponed and tomorrow's pheasant shoot is also off. Birds that inhabit the estate are having much trouble finding titbits of food. However, earlier today I watched in horror as a sparrowhawk plunged from a high branch to take a young blackbird for his lunch. It was so quick. All that was left was a mess of black feathers fluttering in the snow. I felt bad because the unfortunate creature had been nibbling at the old Christmas pudding I had scattered in the centre of the lawn. It was as if I had unwittingly laid a trap.

Actually I am also feeling trapped. No vehicles are moving up or down our street. The buses are off. Manchester Airport was closed just twenty four hours after Frances had flown back to The States.

As the kitchen staff were unable to get in, I was forced to make some turkey soup myself - pearl barley, swede, courgette and dumplings added. It was ready and piping hot when Shirley walked in at two o'clock after completing a half day at the medical centre. In the midst of all this snow, we decided to book a February weekend break at Ely in Cambridgeshire - somewhere we have never been and something to look forward to. More pictures of the snowbound estate:-

The red Christmas light rope should come down today - twelfth night.

No barbecues in the near future


  1. Hughes Towers is in a similar snowbound state

  2. Howard Hughes? Those bunny girls will keep you warm in their burrow or was that Hugh Hefner?

  3. Georgia is in a panic. A few snow flurries are expected this evening and already the schools have announced closings for tomorrow, grocery store shelves have been stripped of bread and milk, and one would think eight-foot drifts are on the way. The amount of snow you have would make half the population of my state faint dead away.

  4. Eee lad, tha's 'ad it bad.

    30 degrees again here today...

  5. Just spent two cold and icy/snowy Christmas weeks in Hoyland, S.Yprks. Luckily for my boss, unluckily for me and our kids, we flew back to sunny Catalonia on Monday just before the Big Snowfall otherwise we'd probably still be there. And sunny Catalonia is no longer sunny - rain and cold since we got back, an today snow up our road for the second time in 20 years!
    Global Warming my a.se as Jim Royal would say!
    By the way, went to Sheffield to see the Panto and show my half-Catalan children what English culture is all about! It was great!

  6. At least your wit will keep you dry if not warm YP. 'No barbecues in the near future'

    Warm wishes.

  7. PS the soup sounds delicious.


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