3 January 2010


How short the days seem at this time of year. Roll over in your warm bed and before you know it it's close to midday with daylight already beginning to fade. Earlier, I took a walk around our neighbourhood, through Chelsea Park and along Psalter Lane....
Sunlight bounced from leaded windows
Chelsea Park with sledgers
Psalter Lane leads into Ecclesall Road

Our snowbound street with my elongated shadow

And then the evening came. After Sunday dinner, it was time to take Frances to the railway station. On that snowbound slope, I had it all on to prevent our car from sliding into a parked vehicle. We hugged Frances on Platform 6a and waved her off to Manchester Airport knowing that we won't see her in the flesh again until mid June at the earliest. I guess the snow will be gone by then.


  1. I certainly hope so, YP! I'm fed up with it already. I hope Frances has a safe journey and enjoys her time over there till June. This is a year that will stay with her all her life, I'm sure.

  2. Love the photos, especially the first one.

  3. Although the second one is good too. And the third and the fourth.

  4. Re the comment you left on my "bowl" post today, please do not give up on my blog just yet. What I meant to say is that I am a fan of ALL Yorkshire teams, not placing one above another because I don't have a dog in this fight. Also, my friend Dave Hewitt, who used to play bass guitar in the British rock band Babe Ruth along with Alan Shacklock, is from Yorkshire.


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