4 November 2012


Another lovely day on Friday - bright sunshine was predicted so I headed south-west through the scenic Derbyshire town of Bakewell and the peakland village of Monyash to the hamlet of Parsley Hay from where I trudged over into the beautiful green valley of the River Dove. I walked for four hours solid, into the Manifold Valley and through Sheen till I reached Hartington. There I drank a pint of milk and wolfed down a beef and tomato sandwich before heading back northwards, passing Bank Top Farm and old lead mine workings. The sun was sinking behind the hills when I finally got back to my car. It was another grand day out in the ever changing and ever surprising Peak District countryside. Here are five eight pictures to represent Friday's invigorating ramble:-
The Dove Valley looking north to Chrome Hill
Ponds south of Pilsbury Lodge
At Pilsbury Castle
Inside St Luke's Church, Sheen
Pike Lane Cottage
In Hartington
The sinking sun casts shadows of a hilltop
copse on the other side of the valley
Sunset over the Dove Valley


  1. A lovely walk, indeed. Next time, would you consider taking a shot of your lunch, to prove that it was indeed milk and not Tetleys?

    Did this one have a number? What was the name of that book that you were using? I might get one so I can have a map of these lovely walks you do.

  2. KATHERINE Just as a vampire only drinks blood at night so I only consume beer during the hours of darkness. I made this walk up myself by looking at online ordnance survey maps. The walking book I referred to before was in the Pathfinder series... White Peak Walks but I also have Dark Peak Walks. The publisher covers many areas of Britain - useful perhaps for your next excursion to the motherland. - N.Y.P.

  3. Sounds a good story.

    Thanks so much for the info. The white peaks is out of stock at the Book Depository, but the white peak is in... I've put it on my wish list. There are lots of different titles aren't there!

    I've been in communication with the Bishop as he's just come back from doing the Camino in Spain and has some great tips on what to carry and what to wear. I want to do one of the long walks. Perhaps a coastal footpath, maybe a mountain one. Possibly both.

  4. Gorgeous photos, YP and the weather looked very good too. Was that level of activity encouraged by reading my last two posts? ;)

  5. I count 8 photographs, not 5, unless I am hallucinating.

  6. Ah so the beer-vampirism is the reason for the sunset shot. You were there poised with glass to lip.

  7. JENNY Well your last post does re-inforce what most of us had already guessed about regular exercise.
    RHYMES Thanks for pointing out my poor arithmetic. I shall make the necessary change in a moment.
    SHOOTING PARROTS You got me!


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