9 November 2012


"Windswept Lion" by Rolf Harris (b.1930)

Swatting flies on the Serengeti 
Here in the shade of this acacia tree 
We gorged on warthog yesterday 
And I took the lion’s share. 
There is Bititi whose name means strength 
And Habiba my beloved 
Zawadi and sweet Asili. 
Yes, we swat flies - 
Thropping our tails like ropes. 
I narrow my eyes 
To where the young ones play 
In the long white grass - 
Taking the strength 
Of my blood 
To the future’s 
Distant hills.


  1. Magnificent in every respect.

  2. Nice twist on the 'pride' theme. But that's never a Rolf Harris painting - I can tell what it is!

  3. You have touched the heart of every parent who reads these few lines. In this way, for this reason, surely pride cannot be one of the seven deadly sins. Thank you for your thoughtful prose. I am on my way to bed and will probably
    dream of my children as lion cubs. Will that be all right, Mr. Pudding?

  4. RHYMES WITH I know that you are not one to give out compliments lightly so I appreciate your positive judgement.
    SHOOTING PARROTS Oh yeah - I remember that - "Ken ya till worrit iz yit?"
    MOUNTAIN THYME Yes that will be okay. Just make sure you trim your claws.

  5. I perceive pride in this proud pride poem.


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