30 November 2012


This morning I was tempted to head out to The Peak District again for a long country walk. Instead, I marched in to the city centre ("town") to see "The Master" at our "Showroom" cinema. The light was beautiful and so for once I took my camera with me. Rather than waffling on and boring you to death as I usually do  - here are six urban snaps from today's excursion:-
Nov 29th 12 Sheffield 056
Old letteing on the windows of Russell Brothers' disused factory.
Nov 29th 12 Sheffield 052
Charles Darwin mural by "Rocket01"
Nov 29th 12 Sheffield 037
Urban graffiti by Kid Acne
Nov 29th 12 Sheffield 048
Modern buildings in Sheffield's city centre
Nov 29th 12 Sheffield 020
Keating Tower - social housing
Nov 29th 12 Sheffield 062
Back at Banner Cross, the light is fading
now. In this pub, I have spent a king's ransom


  1. Why is there a mural of Charles Darwin in Sheffield? I have determined that he was born in Shropshire and died in Kent, so what's the Yorkshire connection?

  2. RHYMES WITH As far as I can determine - no connection at all apart from the fact that he was very fond of Yorkshire puddings. No, this was random graffiti art by a random urban graffiti artist. You could do something similar on a disused building in Canton! Perhaps a giant Barack Obama?

  3. How was the film?

  4. LIBBY "The Master" has had some rave reviews and visually it was a lovely film to watch but I found the storyline dragged and the ending was unnecessarily obtuse - a bit of a directorial self-indulgence. However, it did unpeel some of the ways in which religious cults might form. It didn't have the "wow" factor for me.

  5. Well, Mr. Pudding. I usually like contemporary and modern things, including buildings. But I must say, I am not impressed by those two silver whatchamacallits that are in your city centre. Maybe for Tokyo, but I don't think they fit in Sheffield. But, I enjoyed the virtual
    walk around your city, none the less.

  6. Sigh. Am becoming increasingly disappointed with the conservatism and caution in New Zealand. Lovely, exciting images. Ta.

  7. What is social housing? Do you also have antisocial housing? We have public housing projects here in the bigger cities, but I think they mostly house the antisocial.

  8. MOUNTAIN THYME The two silver whatchamacallits were supposed to house the British Centre for Popular Music but the whole thing was ill-conceived and so these unusual "buildings" were later passed to one of our city's universities.
    KATHERINE Conservatism and caution? Why not paint a massive mural in the heart of Tauranga? I suggest my hero - Captain Cook but you might like Dame Kiri/
    JAN BLAWAT Britain has a long history of providing decent homes for the poor - rented not from private landlords but from local councils. In fact we often refer to social housing as council housing. The majority of people who inhabit such accommodation are decent and law-abiding, making vital contributions to the nation's progress.


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