23 November 2012


Bib Lane, Brookhouse
Though it pains me to say this - thanks to two other middle-aged bloggers - both from the wrong side of the Pennines for directing me towards "Flikr" as a way of avoiding Google charges - now that my Picasa allowance has apparently been used up. The helpful lads from the rainy side are none other than Mr S. Parrots and Mr Steve of "Occupied Country" fame to whom I have already posted "Boneless Banquets for One" courtesy of KFC uk.

I tried to load the picture above directly from my "Pictures" folder but found the same irritating warning signal cropping up - I have used up my 1GB of storage. So, even though it was more long-winded, I managed to put the picture above into my Flikr album and then pasted its URL code into the HTML version of this page. A lot of messing about if you ask me but I got there - I hope.

The picture appeared in last night's edition of our local evening paper - "The Sheffield Star". I took it last Friday in the hamlet of Brookhouse which is just east of post-industrial Thurcroft. You see so many things when out walking that you just flash by and fail to notice when driving a car.

I cheated a little by lifting some of the ivy and tucking it behind the street sign. The postbox isn't even very old  - it's embossed with "ER" - "Elizabeth Regina". Alien visitors to this blog - such as Americans, New Zealanders, Australians, Andorrans and Afghanis may not be aware that old cast iron postboxes in Great Britain have always been embossed with the initials of the ruling monarch. You still find many that have "VR" on them - "Victoria Regina".

Bib Lane is an odd name isn't it? I think that's what mainly caught my eye. It is possible that etymologically  it owes its name to the clear limestone-sweetened brook that flows close by. The word "bib" which has been recorded in English since 1580, stems from an old  verb - bibben "to drink" - but of course I am only surmising. There could be a different more localised explanation.


  1. Cheating on the photo - whatever next? Photoshop?
    But seriously folks, another grand snap - well done!

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  3. I love all these old, odd names.

    Near where I finished school there were villages called Shackerstone, Thorpe Constantine, Clifton Campville and the address of the Army School of Ammunition was Temple Herdewycke.

    My Father’s house was originally called ‘Duck Paddle’ although he did not know that when he bought it. It required complete renovation and during the works, a very friendly Robin hung around the site so he decided to call the house ‘Dunrobin’. With my larcenous streak I died laughing. Half the retired wide boys of London called their Spanish villas that. ‘You know, Dad, Done Robbing?’ He was mortified. Mind you, he did erect a sign at the beginning of the driveway warning visitors to be ‘Beware of unpredictable dogs and eccentric people’

  4. Hi YP. In Flickr open the pic you want to add to the blog. Click on share. Choose Blogger and you should be prompted to link to your blog. Once you've done that when you share it will save to your blog.

    I've had to give up blogging due to a little unpleasantness online that I can do without. Still reading though.


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