27 November 2012


Continuing with our weekend trip down to London - there are many ways to see the city and I guess that each visitor returns with a very different bunch of images in their head. I have been to London perhaps thirty times - for football matches, concerts, theatre outings or simply to see friends - including my late brother Paul who resided for several years in Wood Green and later Tufnell Park, but I had never been to Greenwich on the south bank of the Thames.

Rather than waffle on as I usually do, no doubt boring everyone to death, I will instead share six more photographs with you - to give you some of the flavour of this past Sunday.
Nov 25.12 London 025
Thin house on St James Street, Hammersmith
Nov 25.12 London 078
The Queen's House, Greenwich - designed by Inigo Jones.
Nov 25.12 London 080
Ship in  a massive bottle - National Maritime Museum
Nov 25.12 London 089
Ian and Ruby on Greenwich Hill - admiring the view
Nov 25.12 London 105
Busker in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel - completed in 1902 for
the convenience of London dock workers.
Nov 25.12 London 111
Finally - St Pancras Station and the trip back to Sheffield.
The statue is called "The Meeting Place" and it is thirty feet high.


  1. I love your six images and I learned a new word: busker.

    You could produce a book of the photographs from your last two posts -- adding others, of course -- and call it Y.P.'s London. Leave out all the touristy stuff.

  2. RHYMES WITH PLAGUE You are clearly a man of discerning taste. I thank you for the compliment.

  3. st pancs
    one of my fav places in London
    if you get the chance do the tour!

  4. My sister used to live in London, and looking back we should have taken advantage of that and visited more often....I never wanted to live there, but being a tourist now and again is quite lovely.

  5. EARL GRAY It is likely that "the tour" is only open to earls and other members of the aristocracy. Commoners like me stand no chance.
    LIBBY Like you - I would never have wanted to live in London but it's an interesting place to visit - not like the real England at all.

  6. I enjoyed this and your previous blog YP. They are teaching me about Britain from an insider's point of view - Dave

  7. DAVE Thanks. Sometimes it is hard to get my head around the idea that some readers of this blog are not wholly conversant with this country of my birth.


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