21 November 2012


On Sunday afternoon, I saw this flower arrangement in Holy Trinity Church, Ulley - a squat little stone building in a half-forgotten South Yorkshire village. Sunlight streamed in and they were calling out to be snapped. I share these flowers with anyone who is hurting through loss. To the beleaguered families of Gaza. To the loved ones of young soldiers lost in the pointless "war on terror" in Afghanistan. To those who are battling with physical ailments and to those whose lives have been blighted by depression, mental illness or unemployment. These flowers are specially for you.


  1. A lovely sentiment. Well done.

  2. How very thoughtful and kind YP.

  3. Nice thoughts YP - Dave

  4. They are beautiful

  5. Love the way you've caught the stained glass windows in the background.

  6. HELSIE, LIBBY, DAVE, HIPPO - Thanks for your nice comments. To tell you the truth, I made this post after a visit to "The Hammer and Pincers" and woke up this morning half intending to delete a post that might be seen as "soppy"!
    EARL GRAY Yah! ye posh tea! x
    SHOOTING PARTS And I swear that was intentional. But the "hymn" board behind was just too shadowy. Funny how the human eye is more intelligent than a camera lens.


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