1 November 2012


"Pig's Head" by David Levine (1926-2009)
“He lives like a pig.” - American property developer Donald Trump on Scottish
farmer, fisherman, and environmental protester - Michael Forbes (2010) 

The sunset is golden.
He pats his mane of golden hair,
Unbuckles his golden seatbelt,
Fingers the golden family crest
On a golden velvet cushion.
“Can I get you something to eat Mr Trump?”
His golden hostess smiles.

He can have anything -
Anything at all:
Lobster newburg,
A marbled mansion at Palm Beach
With twenty gilded bathrooms,
A fat slice of Scotland’s coast,
Black diamonds of Provence
With edible gold leaf,
Another wife or golden car, another kid -

He looks out over still golden clouds,
Checks his golden Rolex
And then, being Donald Trump
He raises a porky buttock and trumps
Flying -
All the way home.


  1. I think our golden Mr. Trump could be the poster child for most of the seven deadly sins. Gluttony, for sure. Then there is greed, sloth, pride, lust, and envy. I know many would not say envy, but he does envy what he considers "lesser" men who wield greater power than he. And, because he is so loathsome and psychotic, he will never have the great international power that he seeks.

    And, who the hell wants to live with all that gold? Doorknobs, lights, tables, ..... Yuck! Talk about the worse traits of the "nouveau riche"!!! What a slovenly piece of work!

  2. He can have anything except brains.

  3. Can't buy me lo-ove, everybody tells me so...

  4. But he cannot buy the one thing he craves most - sensible hair.

  5. I don't know whether sloth applies to His Eminence. He seems to have worked hard for what he has attained. I say this even though I am no fan of his.

  6. @rhymes with plague.. his eminence may have worked hard for what he has attained - but (and it's a big but) he has no humility or recognition of the so-called 'little people' or those less fortunate.

    He has lived in a world that is completely alien to most of the rest of the population. And as for the hair, well, if anyone could afford a style co-ordinator, I am certain is it Mr Trump. And, by the way, I would have changed my name to something less giggleworthy. No, I'm not mature! other than in years that is

  7. Do I detect sour grapes here? Poor Donald... :-( - Dave

  8. MOUNTAIN THYME Come on, say what you mean about D.Trump!
    JAN BLAWAT Nope! I think he eats brains too!
    KATHERINE I guess D.Trump might say - Who needs love when you've got wealth and power?
    SHOOTING PARROTS He does seem obsessed with his ugly mop. Personally I think he should go for a skinhead look.
    RHYMES WITH... He's worked hard? Does that give him licence to walk all over little people and to manipulate the law to his advantage? I guess you'd have preferred him as the Republican presidential candidate instead of Baseball Mitt!
    JANET I love your word "giggleworthy"! It's not one I have ever used before. Perhaps I am not worthy of a giggle.
    DAVE No way! I'd rather live like Michael Forbes than D.Trump any day. His piggish lifestyle and pompous self-belief verges on the inhuman. You can be the new D.Trump if you want Dave! Dave Trump has a nice ring to it but first you must replicate his hairstyle!

  9. My last 2-cents-worth: I'm no fan of Donald Trump. In fact, he rather disgusts me. I just think applying the word sloth to him is a reach.

  10. RHYMES WITH PLAGUE The "sin" I applied to The Donald was not sloth, it was gluttony. Perhaps a visit to the optician is in order?

  11. Just finding your blog. This is WONDERFUL!

  12. Tee hee - oh this made me chuckle. Am also loving hearing that various golf governing bodies will not give his "championship gold courses" any decent international events. AND a golf governing body is heavily criticising him for the environmental damage he has caused. Money can't buy you everything Mr Trump! Thankfully.....

  13. YOUR FIRED, i said you are fired, get out of here, YOU ARE FIRED, and mitt likes to fire people also<><>opps i din't say that about a fellow mormon<><>i bet this does not make it past mDERAtion<><>trump is of the worst kind


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