2 July 2013


When I wrote my very first blogpost back in June 2005, it was like a field of dreams. Build it and they will come. That sort of thing. And gradually they came and sometimes they went. Forensically it would be interesting to track how my many visitors arrived. Which internet threads guided them here? I am sure it would be just as fascinating and perhaps equally impossible with your blog - if you have one.

Recently, a rather nice Australian lady has drifted into my cyberlife. For her sins, she is an IT teacher in a town called Cairns in north eastern Australia. You can see its location on the map of "down under".
Carol writes a nice and varied blog called "Back to the Chalk Face" and she calls me Sir YP - an appellation which I think other visitors should adopt. It's an open and thoughtful blog which gives you a great insight into her life in that far flung corner of the world. Isn't that just one of the wonderful aspects of blogging? Getting to "visit" people in faraway, exotic places like Cairns, Canton (Georgia), Sloughhouse (California), Luanda (Angola) and err... Wrexham and Trelawnyd (!) North Wales.

As Carol's European agent, I have been given a suitcase filled with Australian dollars to drum up more support for her blog and I can recommend it to you. Why not give her a visit? Go to:-


  1. I shall henceforth think of you as "syrup" or "surreptitious" (or both) and I wish to thank Carol profusely for her wonderful suggestion all the way from Cairns.

  2. Despite your cruel words to me on GOING GENTLY I will swallow my upset and give her the once over

  3. RHYMES WITH..Err? What suggestion?
    EARL GRAY Sometimes truth will hurt. I hope you enjoy giving Carol the once over. She might be able to give you some tips about sheep husbandry.

  4. Sir YP, thank you for the plug for my blog. I am truly humbled by your kind words. So your readers know this is not a mutual admiration society, I should let them know that I am doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month, the purpose of which is to drum up more blog traffic. I will do my best to share some tips along the way. Not that I think you need any tips Sir YP. Now the phones have been running hot since your kind endorsement, and I must get some beauty sleep before I appear on Breakfast TV in the morning ~ LOL. Good Night from Cairns.

  5. You're such a tart Mr YP, Bakewell naturally. I've used this expression too many times, although probably never so geographically correct as this.

    You, it would appear are anyone's for the price of a portmanteau full of pesos. Any road I haven't got all evening to sit around chatting to you, I'm off to Cairns... well known origin of those yapping terriers.

    Toodle pip ole fruit,


  6. It seems fairly obvious. "Sir YP"
    -> "syrup" -> "surreptitiously"...

    You really must try to exercise your brain a little more. It helps if you pronounce syrup the Southern way: sir-up, not seer-up.

  7. LETTICE LEAF You got me! I'm just a Yorkshire version of Maurice Chevalier!
    RHYMES WITH PRAGUE Your supreme intelligence and linguistic dexterity leave me like a tiny mushroom growing in the shadows of your greatness. I bow to thee El Presidente!

  8. YP
    I bow down to your obvious expertise
    How many sheep have you looked after btw?

  9. EARL GRAY I grew up in a small East Yorkshire village where there were more sheep than people. I also have two static sheep in our garden - Beau and Peep. However, they don't need much "husbandry" at all!

  10. Ahhhhh
    I see
    You talk bollocks

  11. Just a short thank you to all of Sir YP's loyal servants who visited Carol in Cairns, yesterday from far and wide. I will be sending virtual postcards to all of you. Oh, and that suitcase of Aussie dollars are in transit to your nominated tax free haven, Sir Plodder.

  12. EARL GRAY You should know.
    CAROL IN CHAINS As the royal butler often said to Princess Diana, "Pleased to be of service ma'am!"

  13. Sharing a little bit of Australia with you and your readers today Sir Plodder.



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