15 July 2013


Vegetable plot burgeoning
Mid-July in an English heatwave - like the ones we used to have in "the good old days" of rationing, Gracie Fields, Stanley Matthews and Winston Churchill. Weather like this draws you outside and we are fortunate enough to possess a garden that is forty five metres in length. Plenty of work to do. Plenty of pottering. Plenty of insects buzzing around. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves in order to remember that we don't live very far from the centre of a big northern city. We could so easily imagine we live deep in the countryside if it were not for occasional sirens and the distant humming of traffic . So here are some Sunday afternoon snaps from our garden which hasn't featured in this blog for ages:-

Shirley lazing while Yorkshire Pudding grafts
Victoria plums forming
Green lane at the bottom of our
garden - beyond our bramble hedge
Wiggly worms emerging from a compost bin
Little girls from next door riding on Beau and Peep
The stone girl under the cherry tree


  1. Looking at the first photo... Get yer strimmer out

  2. EARL GRAY I don't think Shirley would be too happy if I strimmed her peas, runner beans, broad beans, lettuces and potatoes. Perhaps Welsh soil is less fertile?

  3. *sigh* Mr. Pudding you've created a monster.

    The white umbrella in the sun
    providing shade when work is done
    And green plums on the tree
    not an insect bite or spot to see
    A lane going off somewhere unknown
    and earthworms who have found a home
    There's cute little girls having fun
    and a statue to view when they are done

  4. DAVID OLIVER - rhyming man
    In his cool Fedora and Phil Campbell tan
    Want a poem? Just give him a call
    Any subject - he covers them all!
    Pets and grandmas and gardens too
    Deaths and divorces and trips to the zoo
    Rather like the great Simon Bolivar
    Conquering all - Mister David Oliver

  5. There is nothing to compare with an English garden. Mind you, you do get the rain. I have had no rain whatsoever for over three months.

  6. 'Shirley lazing while Yorkshire Pudding grafts'
    Just as it should be...

  7. By the way, I am most disappointed to see that your sheep are not real ones!

  8. JENNY Whaddya mean our sheep are not real? The little girls were riding on them! Surely that is proof enough! Do you want me to butcher them and show the meat inside?


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