2 July 2013


Your Yorkshire correspondent was out in the hills again this afternoon - between High Bradfield and Stocksbridge - burning off calories and sucking in the pure Yorkshire air. It's a part of our wonderful county that is often overlooked by visitors. Quiet lanes and paths dissect that high country - linking hamlets, isolated farms and their associated fields. There are miles of dry stone walls - all in millstone grit and to the west there's open moorland - once the preserve of the idle rich and the men they employed to ensure top class grouse shooting in the late summertime. Thank heavens for the Kinder Trespassers and their legacy.

On Saturday night, I watched The Corporate Rolling Stones live from Glastonbury but here are some other stones I spotted today:-
Stone guide post above Swan Cottage
Estate marker stones on Broomhead Moor. Erected in the nineteenth century,
they declared ownership of the open moors and  of the wildlife that dwelt there.
Hurkling Stones by Hurkling Edge. "Hurklinge" is an old Norse word - meaning
to squat or scrunch up - pulling your legs and arms inwards.


  1. A really interesting part of UK history YP. Thank you for including that weblink to read more about the Kinder Trespassers ~ and explains the source of all your fabulous photos from your walks.

  2. I was impressed by the stones err signs. It reminded me of that song from the '60's "and the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply."

    The things people will put on signs and how the message has changed over the years. Interesting, yes?

  3. CAROL IN CHAINS THe Kinder Trespassers won access rights back from the selfish landowners and gave ramblers like me more freedom to roam over open moorland.
    DAVID OLIVER-TWIST We used to see signs on the doors of some English pubs - "No Travellers" which to interpret means "No Gipsies", I am afraid they have a reputation for raising hell and even today they are slightly feared by static host communities.


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