23 July 2013


Have you ever used the "Snipping Tool" that is available in modern versions of Windows? It is not for dressmaking or vasectomies. Instead you can use it to make your own screenshots or capture images that are not easy to save such as those we find in Google Streetview. 

In my last post - "Property" I was rather mischievous. I included an image of Earl Gray's country estate in Trelawnyd and of Jennyta's mansion on the outskirts of Wrexham. Earl Gray even asked how I got the image of his land. I sensed annoyance and puzzlement in his response. Well, here's the answer...

I used the Windows Snipping Tool! First of all I went into Google Maps - located Trelawnyd and then its little church. In Google Streetview, it was easy to find Earl Gray's quaint corner cottage and his field which I then snipped and saved for later mischief. I did the same with Jennyta's house but I won't tell you how I discerned her actual address.

So that's it - The Snipping Tool - give it a try! Please don't confuse with the Snapping Tool or the Slapping Tool which have entirely different effects!
Snipping Tool used on BBC website - birth of Prince of Cambridge


  1. I'll give it a whirl. I use Snagit.
    I'll save all the screen grabs of the new prince.
    I have a large wager that he will be called Kevin.
    Kevin Cambridge and King Kevin the first have a grand ring to them.

  2. I'm sure you'll get a good price on Kevin at the local bookies. Why not put a thousand quid on? Adrian would be a good name for a prince - a Prince Charming....or maybe a queen?

  3. Thanks for tip...snip, snip, snip. Oh! Unlike scissors, you only need one snip at a time. I got carried away!

  4. Now you've got me wondering...!

  5. On my Mac, I always use shift-command-4. That has been available for years. Is snipping something new, or did Windows just finally catch up?

  6. JAN BLAWAT It has always been possible to capture screenshots on Windows but the Snipping Tool allows you to quickly save a segment of what's on screen. It may have been available for ages but I only started using it earlier this year.

  7. You'll never snip and tuck me! Google haven't; added to which it always pays to keep one step away from the fuzz!


  8. Love the Snipping Tool and Google Maps Street View ~ lots of mischief can be had as you ave found. What about heads on bodies? Hehe

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