10 July 2013


Wadshelf is referred to in the Norman Domesday Book (1086)
Wadshelf is an unexceptional village six miles west of Chesterfield. It sits in rising agricultural land before the heather moorland takes over. I parked there late yesterday afternoon and began a seven or eight mile circular hike in the July heat which has blessed the north of England these past few days. More pictures...
The old Wesleyan Chapel in Wadshelf - now a private home.
Foxgloves by Top Lane, Wadshelf. In the
far distance there's Chesterfield.
Imposing Westwick Farm on Westwick Lane. Not sure if it
operates as a farm any more.
This is Broomhall Farm near Holymoorside
A broody young cow waits for me on
the ancient path to Fairfield
Rolling farmland by Birkinshaw Wood
Road junction on Longside Road
Loadshead Lane
"The Highwayman" pub-restaurant at Eastmoor. Now part of the  Beefeater chain.
 After seven miles it was  nice to quaff a pint of bitter shandy here before getting 
back to the car in  Wadshelf
A reminder of how Wadshelf used to be .  A stone trough fed by a 
spring - where horses would have refreshed themselves in days before cars.
And so back to Sheffield via  Holmesfield. Shirley was out at a nurses' meeting. Made something to eat, went to the supermarket for some milk and then down to "The Banner" for the Tuesday quiz with Mick and Mike. By midnight I was bushed.


  1. Yet again great pictures of my old stamping ground.
    You can go in any direction from Sheffield and the weather is clement.

  2. Taking photos of private houses......any irate Yorkshire folk shouted at you recently?

  3. ADRIAN I am pleased to be able to offer you some visual relief as you endure the harshness of northern Scotland. By the way, what did you do wrong to be exiled so far from civilisation?
    EARL GRAY Legally, they wouldn't have a leg to stand on - as with Google Streetview. Besides - Wadshelf is in Derbyshire!

  4. It looks different there than here. For one thing our chimneys are always on the outside of the wall. I guess whoever began that practice thought it was important to heat the atmosphere. Maybe that was when everyone was worried about the coming ice age.

    I think the other thing is - people here don't walk. I hear handicap signs for cars are highly sought after. Needless to say anyone walking along a road is performing an act of desperation.

  5. Sir Plodder, how are Mick and Mike? I haven't seen them in ages! Hope they are well.

  6. CAROL IN CHAINS Mick and Mike are fine. Mick says sorry about what happened after the New Year Party.


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