28 July 2013


Carol in Cairns bemoaned the fact that when I post pictures, I always seem to be out to impress. Why can't I post some bad pictures? Some "shockers"? I think it was a back-handed compliment. Well, hidden within the bowels of this computer, amongst all my jewels are some very poor pictures indeed. I tend not to look at them - they'd surely be liable to make me not just blue but deepest navy blue!

Anyway, in for a penny in for a pound. Without investigating the entire pile of photographic detritus, I have picked out these crap snaps for you to chuck eggs and rotten tomatoes at though I am sure if I had looked harder I could have found some worse pictures even though the very worst normally get deleted upon first viewing.
Our lovely daughter Frances after her graduation
ceremony in Birmingham in 2011. "Timber!"
Blurred Las Vegas scene in 2005
Riding in a motorcycle tuk tuk in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
The "scenic" A616 and a layby north of Langsett
Downtown Otorohanga, New Zealand
N.B. Taking on board a reflection by Mr David Oliver from the strangely named Alabama town of Phil Campbell, I have decided to remove the colour inverted photograph that first appeared here and apologise for any unintended hurt this may have caused:-


  1. These are pretty average.
    The only thing wrong with the first one is that it wasn't tilted enough...you missed the top from the clock tower.

  2. Made me laugh any road.


  3. Langsett has never looked lovelier

  4. Now those look more like my photos! We have albums full of them from the days when you just got all 24 photos developed with no idea what you'd be getting back ...

  5. Yorky, OMG you are an unhappy camper aren't you doing two-bit psychology on me? And here I have been nothing but complimentary of your talents both with a camera and the "pen". No back-handed compliment for you my dear Sir ~ just a back-hander I think :)

  6. BTW ~ Today's post is a "pink post" to boost your "blue mood" http://backtothechalkface.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/pink-skies.html Sharing another talented photographer :)

  7. ADRIAN Thank you for your expert input.
    LETTICE Any road? The A616?
    EARL GRAY I forgot that Langsett is the location of your grouse-shooting moor.
    CAROL IN CHAINS Whoa! Your cage is duly rattled....WHACK! Ouch! Don't slap me like that Carol. Not sure what you meant about "two bit psychology" or "unhappy camper"?

  8. BRIAN Thank heavens for digital photography. I can recall many mornings waiting for the BonusPrint pack to drop through our letterbox and very often there was an element of disdappointment. Do you recall how your clicking of the camera was very much restrained by the knowledge of processing costs and how many shots you had in your film?

  9. The first shot is great but it makes me a little dizzy.

    I actually like the Las Vegas scene. Lately, because of my son's GF, I've re-thought my concept of "good" photography. I've discarded the traditional ideas of what is good and what is not and chosen rather what I like and what I don't. I'm sure at some point this will get me into trouble but like the attitude you've taken about this blog - I'm in for a penny, in for a pound.

    #3 made me search furiously through my selection of spectacles but none worked adequately.

    I had to put my imagination to work for #4. Are those sewer gas release valves in the center of the highway and everyone is driving to avoid?

    #5 Ian probably needs the shot of that store in New Zealand. I'm sure there are zombies in there.

    #6 Oh I see you got a snap shot of one!

  10. Sir YP, don't know about rattling my cage or just ruffling my feathers. I don't believe I have ever implied that you were out to impress with your photography. The photos you share are exquisite, both in composition and subject matter and as one of your biggest fans I apologize to both you and your readers.

  11. CAROL - We appear to have got our wires crossed a little here. This post was not meant to contain any whiff of aggression or any implication that I had been in any way peeved by your light-hearted suggestion that I should post some "shockers". In fact I quite liked the idea. Perhaps the crucial word in all of this is "impress" which can be tinged with negative connotations of big-headedness etc. but "impress" can also be about people simply showing the best that they can offer with no negativity attached. I can see that you are slightly miffed about the misunderstanding for which I apologise wholeheartedly and I sincerely hope that we can continue as blogging friends.

  12. Since you have been outed as a two-bit psychologist, can you help me, Doctor? I find myself strangely attracted to the Australian barmaid.

  13. I'm an idiot! I didn't realize that last photo was just some tomfoolery you had done with Carol's picture. Finally it dawned on me. It is all in fun but sometimes things like this make us feel bad despite the best of intentions. For my part, I am very sorry!


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