14 July 2013


Give or take a few thousand there are now 7 billion people on this tiny planet. When I was born I was the 2,687,150,676th person alive on Earth and I was the 76,006,063,340th person to have lived since history began. Deliberately mixing my metaphors, the rate of world population growth has speeded up like a truck without brakes, careering downhill. What about you? Check out your vital statistics with the help of the BBC. Click here.


  1. I don't think population growth is much of a problem now. In the advanced countries of the world, population has begun to actually decrease or increase only as a result of immigration. It is only a matter of time until this begins happening in the rest of the world as those countries advance economically.

    Besides we will need people to settle Mars. I'm looking forward to that so we will finally have people we can refer to as colonists. :)

  2. RHYMES WITH CHART It is interesting to see three different projections.
    DAVID OLIVER I wish I could share your optimism.

  3. Is this your contribution to the 'Silly Season' ?
    Our million is the same as a trillion over in the colonies. Not often one finds that Americans have smaller things than we do.
    Their billion is only a thousand million not a million millions.
    It's why they have more millionaires their money is worth less than ours as well.

    There I think I've clarified that little matter.
    It's still an awful lot of people to feed.

  4. I knew there was something special about you Mr YP.


  5. Interesting link!

    I was the 2,975,774,809th person born. My life expectancy was 48.3 years so I guess at 54 I am on borrowed time.


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