26 May 2013


A few days ago I received a very surprising email from the tourist police in Ayutthaya, Thailand. It was titled: "we fond someone who took your bag".  Regular readers of this blog may recall that I was robbed by two young people on a motorcycle back in March. The email even had photographs attached and straight away I recognised the young woman. She had been the pillion passenger and I remember how she turned to look at me as they rode away. Possibly, it was not her idea  to rob me - she was just a Maid Marion on the back of Robin Hood's motorbike.

So I emailed the Ayutthaya Tourist Police right back, congratulating them on their police work and basically I finished with the question - "What next?". But since then I haven't heard a dicky bird. What do you think I should do next?
The lowlife git who stole my backpack - containing my NZ bush-hat
and the Nikon camera that Shirley, Ian and Frances bought me as a Christmas present.
Maid Marion with her pink panda top. Don't look so hurt sweetie!
If you play with fire you might get burnt!
And here they are on their motorbike
- no helmets!


  1. Is Thailand one of those places where it takes some money to get officials to do their jobs?

  2. Anonymous8:07 am

    Well I don't have much experience in these overseas legal matters but I have consulted my Bridget Jones (Volumes I, II and III) and apparently you now need to get your international human-rights lawyer boyfriend to wake up the Minister for Foreign Affairs, several members of MI5, a couple of bigwigs from MI6 and then fly around the middle east (yup, the "middle" east) a bit before you come home and get married.

  3. Ooh... how exciting, I can't wait to hear what 'Yorkshire Pud Did Next?' Although I still think your follow-up to the theft was the best ever. I was completely taken in; I could picture the exact scene; I was there... well that is until the scales fell from my eyes, by way of you waking up.

    Crash hats? You 'aving a larff? The folk, the things, the dogs, the wife, the girlfriend, the granny, all travel in style out there. No worries that they're three abreast, with two on top!


  4. What a turn up for the books eh?

  5. Doesn't that make you feel good? Even if you do not get your kit back, at least there's the satisfaction of knowing the scrotes have been lifted.

  6. JAN B. Road traffic police certainly supplement their incomes like that. Not sure about the tourist police but it might help if you could send them a bundle of bucks for me?
    IAN HUTSON (aka WISE OWL) Thank you for your practical advice which I shall of course take up.
    LETTICE LEAF Actually in Bangkok it is very rare to see a motorcyclist without a helmet - even if their passengers are normally helmet-less! But in country areas, you're right, normal laws don't seem to apply.
    LIBBY Yes. Most unexpected but I guess those cretins got rid of my camera weeks ago.
    HIPPO Exactly Mr Hippo. We are on the same wave length and in Thailand they don't piss about with prisoners' rights etc.. No wonder that girl looks alarmed.

  7. No helmets are a good thing for them.....we don't want those kind of people to breed and make more of "them". :)


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