13 May 2013


Still backtracking through my catalogue of Asian photographs, would you be so kind as to step back with me to Noi Bay on the island of Koh Lanta? Perhaps you will recall that there I sheltered from the blazing sun in an abandoned beach bar called "Robinson's". It even crossed my mind to become the new tenant. I would spruce the place up and re-stock it, sleeping above the shack in my woven hammock. I would of course have to rename the place "Bloggers" where I would serve cool drinks, Thai curries and Yorkshire puddings with beef gravy. Once the news got out, bloggers from around the world would arrive. 

I'd be chatting with Earl Gray about animal husbandry and canine cruelty over gin and tonics, showing Lettice Leaf my hammock upstairs, providing (gratis) oil massages to Kiwi Katherine, Libby from the Midlands and Jenny from Wrexham, arm wrestling with the famous Georgian champion - Robert Z. Brague and guzzling pints of Chang Beer with Ian Rhodes (aka Shooting Parrots) and Ian Hutson (aka The Owl Wood) .who'd probably prefer a small dry sherry.

Helen from Brisbane would arrive direct from France with her faithful Tony trotting behind like Earl Gray's Willie. I would ply Jan Blawat with pina coladas and Bacardis, probably needing to protect her from the unwanted advances of a certain lustful Angolan restaurant owner and I would finally get to meet that Catlonian insurgent - El Brian the Bandito. Meanwhile Carol Cunningham and Mary Z would be wriggling into out or out of  their skimpy leopard print bikinis looking forward to nightfall.

We'd have a beach party and go skinny dipping at midnight under a silvery moon before singing The Blogging Anthem around a driftwood campfire:-
How much is that blogger in the window
The one with the waggly tail?
How much is that blogger in the window?
I do hope that blogger's for sale!
Such fun. Such frolics! And now those photos:-
"Robinson's" at Noi Bay with a storm brewing
Old post with Koh Phi Phi on the horizon
Another view of "Robinson's"
Inside the abandoned beach bar . Who's head is that?
Should you wish to invest in the establishment of...
Please send handsome cheques to me at The Yorkshire Pudding Retirement Fund  Bloggers Beach Bar Development Fund. Thanks in anticipation of your generosity.


  1. It is indeed shocking so early on a Monday morning to have to deal with oil massages, bloggers with waggly tails, and phallic-image photographs beside the seaside, by the beautiful sea.

    Thank you.

  2. Your own Gilligans Island Sir YP :) LOL good to see you reliving the Asian experience and fantasizing so vividly. Cheque is in the mail :)

  3. Kop-khun-krub... will you accept euros instead of baht?


  4. RHYMES WITH In my imagination your right arm has already been thrust down to the table by the mighty Pudding. Submit Yankee!
    CAROL CUNNINGHAM Fantasizing is one of my fortes - how about you?
    LETTICE LEAF I will accept euros if you have an afternoon kip in my hammock. I promise not to disturb you (tee-hee!)

  5. You could turn it into to must do spot for Bloggers on their oversea travels..... instead of Singapore and Dubai. Sounds good to me.

  6. Lustful? I suppose you are right. Even though it is a case of my mind writing cheques my body can no longer cash.


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