24 May 2013


Here in Great Britain, people are experiencing the coldest spring since 1979. To tell you the truth, I quite like it. All this fresh air - such a contrast from the chewy heat of Bangkok. No more air conditioning and no more stepping out into an open air oven - arriving at work with sweat patches blooming on my nice clean shirt even at seven in the morning.

People would sometimes say - What do you miss about England? And one of the first things I'd say would be - walking in fresh air. But since I have been back, I've only been on two significant country walks. The first was a solitary walk in the high peakland beyond Winnats Pass, taking in Eldon Hill and Peak Forest. The second walk was communal - with Shirley and some of our friends. We parked in Hathersage last Sunday and headed up to North Lees Hall and Stanage Edge. Both walks were quite lovely and of course I enjoyed the freshness.

So, as I have nothing else to say this morning, I'll share some photographs from those two walks...
Lambs near Rushup Edge - the one of the left is called Hippo and
the other one is called Lettice.
The disused stone quarries at Eldon Hill
North Lees Hall - once visited by Charlotte Bronte.
Rock climber perched on Stanage Edge
At Stanage - Shirley (middle) and four friends


  1. I see exactly where you're coming from on this Mr P... I'm braver, bolder, brasher and somehow bigger, than the shy and retiring Hippo. Yer... I'll buy that.

    I ought to say I'm missing the heat from Thailand. Ted always says 'Cold beer and warm seas!' Although we didn't work there, just play. So I suppose I can understand having to work in the heat must be taxing.

    Until this winter, I always used to bore everyone by saying how I love all of the seasons; I not so sure now? I've got a serious case of hackedoffness, the cure is expensive.


  2. LETTICE I love the term you have just coined - "hackedoffness". Brilliant! Now go for a frolic in the pastures and no beating up on Little Hippo!

  3. Ah! How sweeet! I'm a fluffy little lamb!

    Sod gambolling across the pastures, Lettice Leaf, let's paint the town red. That'll cure you of your hackedoffness (but you will end up with an almighty hangover).

    I really miss those crisp English spring mornings as well, YP. What I miss the most, though, is a decent pint.

  4. I know exactly where you are coming from YP. I hate that hot, humid air. Suffocating. Now, Switzerland has lovely fresh CLEAN air !

  5. I live in southwestern Washington state and all the air is fresh....almost too fresh. It rains about 65 or more inches a year at my house. That's over 5' of water. It's green, I'll tell you. Mighty green.
    Your pics are fabulous. I'd love to see England. There's nothing very old here and I LOVE old!


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