3 May 2013


May 3rd 2013. Who knows - perhaps the very last day of my not so illustrious teaching career - that first began as far back as the summer of 1972. Never say never but if it has indeed finished today then I'm pleased to say it has ended on a pleasant high - good wishes from my delightful pupils and colleagues alike, kind words in the school assembly followed by wild applause, my mind clear and untrammeled. Thank you and good night.

On a big farewell card the entire Year 9 had written messages to me..."Thank you for everything Mr Neil. You are so NICE! - Love from Pin",  "Goodbye Mr Neil. We Love You Very Much - Ben", "Hey Mr Neil - Thanks for the past four months. You have taught me a lot. It was a short period but very good. Good luck! - Mew" etc.. And Markhughes from Y10 whined yet again - "Oh please don't go Mr Neil! We will miss you too much!" It's nice to know you have been genuinely appreciated.

And so to England where my heart lies, flying next Thursday night - all being well. Before then I'm taking an internal flight to the south west of Thailand where I shall be staying on the island of Koh Lanta for four nights. Sun, swim, nice food, carry on reading a fascinating novel - "The Wind Up Bird Chronicle" by the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami and sing what will probably be a last goodbye to Thailand. That's what I'm planning anyway if ill fortune doesn't chuck a spanner into the works. You never know.

If I get a chance I will blog from Koh Lanta, but just in case I don't manage that, here are two pictures of the island for your ocular titillation:-
The beach at "Lanta Miami" - my hotel
Beach on the southern tip of the island


  1. How gratifying it is to know that my ocular titillation is uppermost in your mind these days. And titillate those photographs did (as Yoda might say). We are having a very cold spring in the U.S. this year and my heart and my backside and, yes, my eyes yearn for a nice warm, sunny beach. Thank you for doing your part in helping your U.S. readers ignore the chill and dream of better days ahead.

  2. It is wonderful when your efforts are affirmed and appreciated. Do they not need teachers back in the mother country any longer? I am sure this is not retirement yet .. Unless that is part of your grand plan. Enjoy the four days and your return home.

  3. Looks a bit like that island Katherine was ship wrecked on not long ago. Enjoy yourself.

  4. Mr neil
    We love you too x

  5. "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
    Live the life you have imagined."

    It seems to me you do.


  6. Hello everybody. Made it safely to Koh Lanta in spite of certain irresponsible errors by agents of Nok Air. As I write Hull City are on the verge of promotion to the Premiership. Just ten minutes to go! I can't bear the tension!

  7. Looks like a lovely place!

    And congratulations to Hull City!


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