26 May 2013


Some things you just cannot make up. Only yesterday, I related recent news about the two young thieves who robbed me in Thailand in March. I was becoming a little anxious that I hadn't heard any more from the Thai police but then just this morning I received a follow-up email from one of the policewomen I met in Ayutthaya when making my initial statement. It seems that the two young robbers are already in jail and it also seems that they were captured when - on April 17th - an attempted robbery from a Polish tourist went wrong. 

Now we come to the comical bit. I am sure that any British coppers sending out "official" emails to victims of crimes would do so from official police email addresses. In Thailand, this is apparently not the custom because the policewoman who contacted me did so from her personal Facebook address. Clearly, because she is Thai with a no doubt long and unpronounceable name in Thai script, she has adopted an Anglicised pen name for Facebook. What is it? Penelope Plod? Lacey Cagney? No - I kid you not - she calls herself  Pumpim Hotlove! Yes - Policewoman Pumpim Hotlove. Any male criminal (and some female) would surely happily hand himself in to a policewoman  with such an appealing and promising  name. Why can't our policewomen have names like that instead of PWC Marcia Higginbottom or PWC Lettice Blenkinsop?

But may I say in conclusion that, back in March, Pumpim Hotlove was very professional and sympathetic when she dealt with my complaint so if you have, by accident, arrived at this blogpost Miss Hotlove, please accept my thanks for all your efforts in the name of justice.


  1. Well, you did well, YP. Five years later, we are still waiting to here from the French police after our robbery from the RV. :)

  2. I certainly couldn't make that up. It is just brilliant.

  3. And THAT'S the story that you told Shirley!

  4. Don't laugh... Ted's an ex-copper... our name...


  5. Is she pumpin your camera back to Blighty?

  6. JENNY Perhaps it was les gendarmes wot dunnit!
    ADRIAN We seem to be on the same wavelength sir. Shall I get Pumpim Hotlove to contact you? She may arrive with handcuffs!
    EARL GRAY Cheeky chappie!
    LETTICE FULLELOVE. Are you? Full o' love I mean? I guess that Ted is rather like Barry "Pumpim" White.
    COLUMNIST Now that waits to be seen my friend. I mean - they pinched it back in March! You'd have thought they'd have sold it on.

  7. Mr Gray may have a point, as they say, - there are many ways to explain why you're getting messages from a Ms Hotlove and this is just one of them ... Good luck :)


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