14 May 2013


Ever been bored to tears by somebody else's holiday snaps?
Well don't worry - I've only got three to show you today....

Here's Shirley just last month as we relax by another "dream beach".
This was at Jungle Beach near Unawatuna in southern Sri Lanka. The wooden 
loungers were free to anyone who used the beach cafe which offered
freshly caught grilled prawns and silvery fish that still twitched. The water was as clear
as crystal and Shirley said, "I think I've died and gone to heaven".
Meanwhile two metres from that green table in the underworld beneath
the adjacent tree's roots, a prehistoric battle occurred between Mr Hungry
Lizard and Mr Enormous Centipede. In the end the odds were stacked in
Mr Lizard's  favour and we watched as he gulped down (whole) his unfortunate prey.
Not what I'd have wanted for lunch. No siree! I was happy to stick with
my grilled sea prawns, salad and french fries  - washed down with "Lion Soda"
Another view of fabulous Jungle Beach with the
southern city of Galle on the horizon.


  1. Blissful - well apart from the lizard's lunch!

  2. Is there no end to your paradises?

  3. That is a lovely photo of Shirley. She must be very pleased with it.

  4. Lovely holiday snaps, never boring

  5. We get these enormous centipedes here as well and by Christ can they give you a nasty nip. The worst thing is if they crawl onto your foot, for example, and you jerk instinctively, they jam all their feet into you as well.


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