11 May 2013


At last, I have been able to upload all the photos I took in Sri Lanka. I wanted to post ten good pictures that would represent my time over there. In the event, ten has become twelve and I could have easily turned ten into twenty five. Of course they were all taken with Shirley's Nikon "Coolpix" camera - the one I bought her for Christmas and even though I know I would have reaped even finer results from the digital SLR camera that was stolen from me in Ayutthaya, I am quietly pleased with the following twelve compositions. Which picture do you like best and why? (Click to enlarge)
1. Young monks by Kandy Lake
2. Schoolgirls in the Fort area of Galle
3. In the impoverished Montessori school in Galle
4. Tea picker on the Handunagoda tea estate 
5. At the Peace Pagoda on Rumassala Hill near Unawatuna
6. Jungle Beach near Unawatuna
7. Buddhist monk walking to Sigiriya
8. In the cave temples at Dambulla
9. View from the top of Sigiriya
10. Lifeguard Office on Nilaveli Beach
11. Sunrise at Nilaveli
12.  Dagoba and column in the sacred city of Anuradhapura


  1. I like #5, because I love abstract compositions in photography. I like #9 because of the incongruity. I like #11 because of the contrast.

    The photos make a great condensation of your trip.

  2. I like #3. That classroom is vibrant.

  3. I like number 6. Looks like a great place to unwind. Other than that I like the first one. Why? Guess I the quiet solitude of those two bright shapes

  4. They are all great pics for different reasons Sir, but if I have to vote for one it would be #5 the Peace Pagoda .. I like the contrast of bright sun and shade, the clean white surfaces against the blue .. Is that sky or sea? And the angle you have taken it makes me wonder what the rest of the pagoda looks like.
    So I now have something else to go and look for on the Internet and learn about.
    BTW .. The next feed after yours in my blog reading list was from Instagram featuring Thailand :) http://blog.instagram.com/

    Thanks for sharing sone great pics!

  5. BLOGGING LADIES - MARY Z, JAN B, Madame HELSIE, CAROL CUNNINGHAM - Thank you for participating. It's interesting to note which pictures caught your eye. As competition winners you will each receive precious Sri Lankan belly button rings which will be dispatched by international courier services tomorrow morning. Please let me know if they fail to arrive.

  6. I wish I had a Sri Lankan belly (instead of a saggy American one) to put that on. Maybe I can use it for a key ring instead. Or a pin for my sweater.

  7. 5,6,7 and 8 are all my choices...the composition and pop of colour in each...very good pics.....and welcome back YP.

  8. I've come to the photo competition a little late, but for me it's a close run thing between 6 & 10.

    Ms Soup


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