6 May 2013


Jubilant scenes in Hull on Saturday
Saturday night - sitting in an internet cafe on Koh Lanta "watching" events unfold at Vicarage Road, Watford and at the KC Stadium in Hull. It was nerve-racking but we made it over the line - just - and now The Tigers are back in the Premier League! It's amazing - almost like the birth of a new baby - well to be truthful - better than that! It will be a battle from Day One just to stay in the Premier League as Reading and QPR have shown this season - but I am sure that all the staff and the players will give it their best shot and no doubt our manager - Steve Bruce will be making a few forrays into the transfer market.

When the results were through, I went straight to a beachfront restaurant and ordered a T-bone steak to celebrate then mango and sticky rice and a couple of ice cold bottles of "Singha". Up The Tigers!

Tomorrow morning I hope to go on a "four island" snorkelling trip with lunch included but at 3pm today there was an almighty tropical downpour with booming thunder and jagged lightning bolts. It's still raining three hours later and I guess the "dry season" is gradually turning into the "wet season" down here in southern Thailand so there's a possibilty the trip might be cancelled.

Yesterday afternoon I was on an unspoilt beach of dreams - Nui Bay. Beautiful clear waters and jungle right down to the sandy shore. I sheltered from the sun in an abandoned beach bar - built from bleached driftwood and containing all manner of objects washed up by many tides. It looks as if the over-optimistic business closed a year or two back and it was apparently called "Robinson's" - no doubt after Daniel Defoe's famous castaway. When I get home I'll share a picture of it with you.Till then...
Nui Bay, Koh Lanta


  1. I understand the individual words in your first paragraph, but the overall concept eludes me. I find what you and all of your mates in the photo are so jubilant about is rather esoteric. My best guess is that your hometown team in some sport or other has just been chosen to play with the big boys, rather as if a triple-A town were inexplicably included in the major-league schedule in our game of baseball, and that makes you happy.

    I'm not trying to be snarky (well, okay, maybe a little), it's just that I'm not a huge fan of sports in general as the be-all and end-all of existence.

  2. But the beach picture is very nice.

  3. Ahh, I thought you would be pleased with that result, YP. ;)

  4. It's a small small small world

  5. Funny how the smallest things grab your attention, whilst missing the Big News - thanks to a last minute goal by a team in a completely different match, Barnsley have managed to avoid the drop from the Championship once again :)
    Look forward to seeing Hull again in just over a year's time ... ONLY JOKING - Good Luck!!


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