10 January 2015


Given the epidemic of tattoos that we see around us, I guess that many bloggers are contemplating visits to tattoo parlours this year. What better way to embellish your appearance and prove to the world that you are a unique and interesting individual? There are so many tattoo designs to choose from - lions, eagles, wolves, dolphins - or you might choose a dead relative or a personal hero - Nelson Mandela, Charles Dickens or Lady Gaga etcetera.

Some people simply opt for meaningful words and this is where my warning comes in. Remember that tattoos are pretty permanent. Laser removal is costly and problematic. So get your words right before you visit your chosen tattooist. Write them down and get your phrase, quotation or statement checked out by somebody who has a reasonable grasp of basic English spelling, grammar and punctuation. Once your tattoo is done it is impossible to change. In fact, I am so concerned about the errors that are widely being made you can run your planned wording past me and I will check it for free.

Numerous tattoo mistakes have already been made by bloggers with whom I associate. This is Earl John Gray's muscular upper right arm;-

And here's the right arm of a much younger Brian Cutts before he fled to Catalonia:-
Over in Australia, Carol from Cairns surprised other teaching colleagues:-
Also in Australia, Helen from "Helsie's Happenings" made Tony smile when she came home from the shopping centre with more than bags of groceries:-
Jan Blawat in Sloughhouse, California was angry when she saw what her tattooist had done:_
And in Manchester England, Ian Rhodes regretted this permanent reminder of his short Olympic torch run through the streets of Stockport back in 2012:-
I know that I am a bit of an old fuddy duddy but for me personally, tattoos are a complete no-no! I hate them and would never have one even if you offered me a wild night in Las Vegas with Lindsay Lohan. But hey-ho - each to their own. I appreciate that some other "mature"  bloggers are more comfortable about moving with the times and joining the tattooed generation we see around us. All that I want to say to you is please get the words right or you could become a laughing stock when friends and family check out your new tattoo.


  1. You wicked man ~ and here I was contemplating two Yorkshire puddings.

    1. Now two Yorkshire puddings tattooed upon your posterior might look very stylish as you strut about the beach at Palm Cove Carol. Other beach goers would point at you and say, "Wow! Look at that lady's puddings!"

    2. I can think of a better position for two Yorkshire puddings Tatoos !

    3. Naughty Helen! Put the cooking sherry back in the cupboard!

  2. Tattoos may (to some eyes) look reasonable on some younger folk but regardless of the accuracy of the spelling most will look ridiculous on ageing skin particularly (and this may simply be a personal view) on ageing female skin.

    1. I bet our mutual friend, Captain Adrian, has more than one tattoo. Most old seadogs do. At the very least, he'll have anchors on his forearms like Popeye.

  3. I've never liked tattoos and never wanted one on myself. Other people can have as many as they like, and I will just look at them and think "vulgar!". If a man I find otherwise attractive would undress in front of me and expose just one or a few smallish tattoos, I'd still go ahead with him. If the tattoos were too many, though, I'd definitely ask him to cover up quickly and try his luck with someone else.


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