3 November 2017


What is it with these weather folk? On Wednesday, they were telling me that there would be a lot of sunshine in our region on Thursday but when Thursday morning came, they had changed their tune. Now they were forecasting a day of cloud cover. Is it possible to sue meteorologists for breach of promise?

Should I stay or should I go? At least there was no indication that there would be any rain. I had an interesting eight mile walk planned but beforehand I would have a fifty minute drive down to the Derbyshire village of Brassington. Perhaps I should have saved that walk for a sunny day but I decided to go anyway. 
St James's Church in Brassington
I had parked up on Well Street in Brassington by eleven o'clock. As I was donning my boots I eyeballed the nearby pub - "Ye Olde Gate Inn" which American and antipodean visitors to this blog may wish to note was established in 1616. Apparently, there are some oak beams in there which were taken from ships belonging to the Spanish Armada.
But your trusty correspondent had no intention of whiling away the afternoon quaffing jugs of foaming beer in a historic village pub. Instead, I set off on my long circular walk heading west then north to the former High Peak Railway, then east to Harborough Rocks, south to Carsington and then westwards back to Brassington.

I must apologise for the accompanying photographs. On a bright, sunny day they would have been sharp and colourful but on a grey, overcast day they emerge looking rather washed out. I guess there can be a certain subtle attractiveness with such pictures but I prefer to see the scenes around me illuminated nicely by the big spotlight in the  sky.
In Carsington
Guy Fawkes in Carsington before being moved
to a traditional bonfire on November 5th
Triangulation pillar on Harborough Rocks
In the distance you can see Carsington Water


  1. It would be nice if someone could switch the sunshine back on before I return.

    1. It's always sunny in Wiltshire... metaphorically speaking of course.

  2. I don't mind the grey sky one bit, but am glad you did not postpone your walk and shared more beautiful pictures with us.
    Funnily enough, almost every time the weather forecast here is wrong it goes the other way: They predict greyness and wetness, and what we get is sunshine and no rain! It was like that all of last weekend and during the two public holidays we've had this week.

  3. Ack! Ack! Does the driver of that red car realize he or she is driving on the wrong side of the road?! (I know the rules are different there, but it always makes me do a double take to see that.)

    At least it didn't rain on you. Did you eat under the Spanish Armada beams after your walk? Once again I am in awe of the reach of history and how it still exists in solid form in everyday places in your country.

  4. I always wished, when I was a fully employed and important person, that I would get paid as much money each month as the weather forecasters did for getting my work wrong EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!

  5. Okay, in defense of the weather guys, they're only making a prediction and at that it's a percentage. No promises from the weather guys. You have to take some risks and go sometimes or you might never get to some of the places that would be nice to see.

  6. Weather folk, whether they're weather folk or not are controlled by the weather. I find, here, our weather forecasters are usually pretty spot-on, whatever the weather. They rarely get it wrong.

  7. I'm rather partial to cloudy weather myself.... even rainy days put a smile on my face. Too much sun is highly over rated !

  8. I passed one of those old triangulation pillars on my own walk on Sunday. They're still all over the place, aren't they? I think your pictures came out really well, despite the gray skies. (And I share your meteorologist frustration. What a thankless job -- get it right and you've just done what's expected, get it wrong and you are cursed to the heavens!)


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