12 February 2024


Las Vegas last night

I watched the 58th Superbowl last night - between San Francisco 49ers and the eventual winners - Kansas City Chiefs. This meant I was very late to bed and it's undoubtedly the reason why I missed my early appointment for an anti-shingles injection. Drat! But never mind, I phoned the health centre to apologise and they re-booked me at eleven forty.

Afterwards, I went round the corner to visit Frances and Baby Margot. Shirley was there too and helping to sort through a mountain of baby clothes which Frances plans to sell on. She was taking pictures of the various items to display online. 

I cuddled Little Miss Peaceful for a while and sung her "Scarborough Fair" as well as the evolving "Margot Song". She rewarded me with some heavenly smiles as she surveyed my face with her sparkling Pacific blue eyes.

Yesterday I made the Sunday dinner again - roasted loin pork with all the trimmings. This time I tried something different with the cauliflower cheese. Taking florets from a large cauliflower I then tossed them in olive oil, seasoning and grated parmesan before roasting for twenty minutes. They browned a little.

My cheese sauce included a little English mustard powder, grated nutmeg, half a spoonful of "Marmite" and a big handful of grated "extra strong"  Cheddar cheese. When the sauce was done, I poured it over the roasted florets and returned my roasting dish to the oven for twenty five minutes. We were all pleased with end result and I will certainly be following that method again.

Today, I note with bitter dismay how Netanyahou has given the go-ahead for further wanton destruction in Gaza. This time, the Israeli army is focusing on the beleaguered town of Rafah   to the south of "the strip".  It's a town that is filled to the brim with internally displaced and desperate refugees.  

Netanyahou disguises his brutal punishment of Gazans by claiming they have to keep rooting out and killing members  and supporters of Hamas. Simply speaking, as The Gaza Strip is such a small piece of land, it is unavoidable that Hamas members and supporters will be present in every surviving neighbourhood but why should that involve such a cruel orgy of collateral damage? 27,000 inhabitants of Gaza have now been killed  with a large proportion of them being children and women. 

It beggars belief. It really does. The Palestinians of Gaza are sealed in a trap from which there is no escape. Where are they supposed to run to now? Netanyahou does not appear to give a damn. And of course Hamas can never be destroyed because it is an idea more than it is a thing.

Back in my little world in Sheffield, far away from Kansas City and The Gaza Strip, the sun is shining and I am just popping into the kitchen to make a small excuse for a lunch - a wedge of Shirley's surviving homemade Christmas cake with a chunk of Cheddar cheese and a mug of coffee.

Rafah today


  1. I had to Google "Marmite" as I have no idea what it is.
    Has there ever been a war where innocent people were not killed? War stinks.

  2. I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch the end of the game as well. I can't imagine staying up six hours longer to see it. I know at that point, I would have just recorded it and watched it at a reasonable hour the next morning.

    My wife wanted to stay up and see Taylor greet Travis with a kiss. I went to bed.

    1. You didn't want to see the kiss? I am surprised as I thought you were a soft romantic Ed! Also - consider the first name of Taylor Swift's beau!

  3. And why do our leaders allow the slaughter to continue? I will never vote for Starmer after this, I find it terrible that our morality in this country has sunk to such a low pitch.
    So you are a five star (that is top) chef. Marmite does a good job in vegetarian gravy as well as along with a teaspoon of Dijon. It seems the food fashion to roast cauliflowers at the moment, don't know what the cauliflowers thinks about it though...

    1. The cauliflowers are protesting, "Don't roast me! Aaaaaaargh!"
      Personally, I admire Mr Starmer. He has transformed The Labour Party but the chalice that he will probably pick up has been filled with poison. However, after the Tory years, this country desperately needs a change of direction.

  4. War criminals. That's all I see.
    Meanwhile! Let's all watch the Super Bowl! The ads! Taylor Swift! Halftime!
    We all need our circuses though.

    1. We need our circuses but not in The Gaza Strip thank you very much! Shame that that particular "Superbowl" won't finish with a Taylor/Travis kiss.

  5. Yes I've heard of some Yorkshire people eating cheese with Christmas cake! It doesn't happen in Wales!

  6. I cook cauliflower like that, but without the cheese sauce.

  7. With my new coat and your xmas cake…how lucky we are

  8. So sad to read of yet more death and destruction in Gaza :(
    S has piles and piles of the twins outgrown clothes to pass on too.

  9. Cooking with YP, your next book?


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