18 October 2012


Sylvie Kristel 
Sept 28th 1952 - Oct 17th 2012
Gentlemen of a certain  age will recall with fondness her rich contribution to the world of cinema while ladies will admire her hairstyle and make-up. She was certainly what Ms Katherine de Chevalle of Tauranga, New Zealand would  refer to as "eye candy" but youth fades and many, like Ms Kristel, have to pay the ultimate price for the excesses of their salad days. Farewell to Sylvie who, in various ways,  frequently invaded my most private dreams. There - I have confessed!


  1. I didn't realise she'd died. RIP, poor lady.

  2. Ah Emmanuelle....back in the early 70's my sister and I were taken to see this film...it was not what we thought it would be..........anyhoo.....she was very beautiful wasn't she?

  3. I never forgave her for appearing as a cardboard cut out in AIRPORT 80

  4. She wasn't very old, was she? WHat a stunner.


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