23 October 2012


"Ladies Doing Lunch"  by Beryl Cook (1926-2008)

When they found him
They could hardly get in the door
The detritus of a thousand pizza deliveries
Stacked to the ceiling
And about his inflated porcine corpse
A thousand magazines and papers
Left open at sleek car ads
“For the good times” and
“Vorsprung durch technik”.
A commercial for sofas
And dining room suites
Blared on his Panasonic plasma TV
As Penny the paramedical trainee
Hastened to Gordon’s  kitchen
Retching in a sink
Already heaped with
Small black plastic
And cardboard sleeves
From a thousand ready meals.
Not from enemies or frost
No noble cause or battle lost
For his was a modern way to die
- Just have your fill and say goodbye.


  1. A true patriot, our capitalistic systems would have us believe, is a consummate consumer. We celebrate this life with Twinkies and Kool Aid, and perhaps a memorial t-shirt.

  2. Very graphic YP. Not pleasant for the ambulance staff - Dave

  3. Regarding the picture that accompanies your poem, why do some women persist in putting on their lipstick at the dinner table? Gross.


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