26 October 2012


"Grass on the way of love" by Keisai Eisen (1790 -1848)

Don’t speak of subterranean streams
Primeval lifeblood of our dreams
Of cravings hot and melded skin
Burying consciousness deep within.
In shadowy bowers
Entwined for hours
Panting frantically for breath
The “petit mort” or little death.
She looked at me and I was lost
For paradise our hearts are crossed.

Don’t speak of hands with blood red nails
Or love when  longing still prevails
Of cavern deep and turret high
We plunge to earth to grasp the sky.
But in the halls of fantasy
I looked at her and she saw me
Logic, common sense and guile
We’ll leave them gasping for a while.
In boiling artery and vein
Immortal urges pulse again.


  1. For illustrative purposes, I would have preferred that you showed a photograph of Marilyn Monroe in that polka-dot dress she wore in The Misfits. But, hey, that's just me. Fully-clothed Japanese/Chinese couples probably turn some of your other readers on, and you have them to think about as well.

  2. RHYMES WITH Trouble is that picture is a photograph and I'm trying to select notable paintings to accompany these sin poems. Perhaps you could write a fantasy poem about Marilyn Monroe yourself?
    - How many times did Mr Rhymes
    - I do not know said Miss Monroe

  3. Wow! It is 14 degrees here (F) on my mountain. But, I am in a sweet sweat reading your latest poem, Mr. Pudding. Methinks you know of what you speak!

  4. MOUNTAIN THYME It wasn't an easy poem to write but I hope it touches on a secret world we rarely explain.
    EARL GRAY I'm not sure that "dirty sod" counts as meaningful commentary on serious poetry - where every word has been weighed and measured for suitability - but I guess Blogworld is a free planet so we can say what we want?


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